LG G4 Stylus: a New Filtration Confirms Details of ‘Phablet’ from LG

We are all very outstanding LG movements, and everything seems almost ready for the arrival of a LG G4 that we already know in detail.

However, so much media attention ended not by revealing what little remains of the G4, but to capture more details of one of the devices which should arrive later, as it is the phablet of the range, a LG G4 Stylus – or G4 Note – of which we have already spoken earlier.

Some sources have rushed today to confirm that certain information on an LG H631 model referred not to the G4, but rather to the G4 Stylus that is being developed under the nickname of “Leopard” and that complete the range upping the ante to the large format.

In addition, it is also indicated that the screen will be 5.8 inch in this model, and that the pen will feature a fine-tip design like that Samsung uses in its successful Galaxy Note range, although without specifying if it includes any professional scanning technology as that Wacom has developed for Samsung.

Includes also the picture that illustrates the article to confirm the design that we had seen, and speaks of a chipset as the Snapdragon 610 series mid-range Qualcomm, which would be very rare if LG wants to compete with the high-end phablets.

What does seem clear is that We will have this year a range similar to the G3 of the last course, a version targeting the cheaper market that keep the lines in design of version say that original, aimed at the high-end, and also a model that fill up with a large-format screen diagonal.