LG and The Keys of The First ‘Teaser’ of G4: Do Innovation in Materials?

Already a few days ago, we heard about the new siren song LG G4 that it is coming, a smartphone for the high range have seen passing by a few shells of protector and that the Korean firm has already confirmed for April 28.

However, and oddly enough given the level of usual rumor mill that precedes an important presentation, no medium has dared to analyze the first teaser shown by the Korean firm.

It is almost confirmed that LG will not arrive on time with its metal chassis, which will be probably released by a future version intended for the market phablet.

In addition, the leaks are running lines that continue to keeping the design of the latest LG devices, with softened but not fully rounded edges and all the physical buttons on the back.

The teaser of LG not let doubt, showing also the predilection of the Koreans by a camera which probably has one of the most important aspects device, sensor for laser focus and a double led, as well as a lens with F/1.8 aperture.

Innovation in housing materials?

However, what has most attracted us attention has been detail that most unnoticed has passed for most, and is that the importance that LG has given to the texture of the skin It makes us think of innovation in materials for the housing of the G4 LG.

Both the teaser image and the invitation to the event or the published video show texture similar to leather, and counting that We are witnessing a fight fierce by finishes, It would not be surprising that LG induced by surprise in this aspect.

Thus, LG might choose to work with plastic giving a synthetic leather look to have already done their compatriots of Samsung, although going a little further we could think of a finish more akin to the ideas of Motorola, with natural materials.

At the moment are only speculation, but we are not strangers to the success they have had the rear of bamboo Motorola and some Chinese manufacturers, and also the US firm has already dared with rear leather finishes and even a special edition of an American football style.

And you, do you think that LG will be able to surprise with the LG G4 in this sense?