LeTV Society Presents Its Three Android Range Stop with Thin Frames and USB Type C

A few weeks ago came to the fore a Chinese manufacturer which had no great name here: LeTV. His two appearances more media were one of lime and sand. In the first it surprised us through a few leaks with a phone with very fine margins and a very careful, although unoriginal design. Put the negative note the inappropriate comparison that made its CEO with Apple and Hitler.

Aside from the controversy, LeTV has already presented its three new phones. We will have to follow the track very closely because rather than stuff a lot of cutting-edge specifications has a much less curious philosophy. Ah! Also is the first phone that will come to the market with USB type C (Jiayu also has his ready).

This is what it will cost you your next mobile

LeTV arrives with a different thought. In addition to launching these three phones (which themselves refer to as superphone) Chinese manufacturer is committed to breaking down the cost of each terminal so the end user know much do it and what is the profit margin you get with each unit. We will see if there include aspects such as labour, marketing, r & d, etc..

A bold move but that, according to representatives of the brand, you want to serve to let in evidence are the profit margins of other companies. Its principle is similar to other Chinese manufacturers: offering leading specifications at a reduced price.

As a common denominator in the three terminals by LeTV we have a careful design)Although suspiciously similar to the one of other phones), very thin frames and the introduction of the USB type C. Also add 4GB of RAM, something that for the time being we have seen in two terminals: My Note Pro and the Zenfone 2.

LeTV One, its more modest terminal

Comparing the specifications, we could say that One model is the most basic of the three. Processor account with a MediaTek helium X 10 with eight cores to 2.2 GHz. 3GB of RAM and 16GB of storage to your side complement hardware that could compete with any top end phone.

On the screen we have a panel of 5.5 inch with Full HD resolution. For camera they are committed to a 13 megapixel sensor with image stabilizer, although without specifying who is the provider, it is safest to be Sony. Android 5.0 and 3,000 mAh battery Lollipop close some promising specifications.

Unlike the model Pro and Max, the One, to dry, has plastic shell while the other two are metal in all its external parts. The most interesting? The price. 240 dollars for the 16 GB version, 260 if we want 32 GB and 270 if we look for 64 GB of internal storage. A very aggressive price if we take into account what kind of terminals move in that range.

LeTV One Max, the phablet of the trio

Three phones presented by LeTV, Max comes to meet the needs of those looking for a phablet. One very big to be edactos because their 6.33 WQHD inch in resolution are not for everyone. In dimensions is something bigger than an iPhone 6 Plus, with which the presentation had no problem in compare: 167.1 x 83.5 x 8.95 mm.

For the processor to have chosen a 810 Snapdragon with 3GB of RAM and two storage options: 64 or 128 GB eMMC 5.0. In the House we have a 21-megapixel sensor from Sony (IMX230, a sensor that at the moment we have not seen on any phone) and 4 ultrapixeles (HTC) to the front. Seen with the M9, I am not very optimistic.

On the back it will have a fingerprint sensor. Taking into account the design of the terminal it is impossible to not remember the Huawei Ascend Mate 7. 3500 mAh battery for a terminal that, for now, has no price confirmed by LeTV.

LeTV One Pro, the flagship of the manufacturer

For specifications and size, Max is huge, we have One Pro range of LeTV Cap. Snapdragon 810, 4GB of RAM, 32 or 64 storage and a 5.5 inch screen with resolution WQHD. There is no doubt that it’s a top of the range.

In the House we have a 13-megapixel Sony (camera than the LG G3 IMX214) sensor and a front with 4 ultrapixeles signed by HTC. Again, the price is key: 400 dollars for the 32GB model and 435 for the 64. So a priori by that amount competes with other large Chinese phone, Note my Xiaomi.

When come these three phones? LeTV has no answer and at the moment they go on sale in China. Fortunately they reach our catalog of online shops with the possibility of shipping to Spain. We will watch because it might be a manufacturer that keep track of if they do their job well.