Kiribati 2006

Kiribati 2006

Yearbook 2006

Kiribati. According to CountryAAH, major public holidays in Kiribati include Independence Day (July 12) and New Year (January 1). Kiribati will create the world’s third largest marine protection area. The announcement of the country’s president, Anote Tong, at the UN Conference on Biological Diversity held in Brazil in March 2006. The protected marine area is 184 700 km 2– twice the size of Portugal – and contains more than 500 species of fish and over 120 species of coral. The nearly untouched Phoenix Islands Protected Area, which consists of eight atolls and two coral reefs, is also home to seabirds and turtles. It will be the first marine park where it also includes a deep-sea environment with underwater mountains. Kiribati is assisted by the New England Aquarium in Boston, USA, and the charity Conservation International, which will also ensure that donations come in to cover the cost of the park and reimburse the revenue for the missing commercial fishing in the area.

Kiribati Map with Surrounding Countries


Inflation rate 0.40%
Unemployment rate 30.6%
Gross domestic product (GDP) $ 227,000,000
GDP growth rate 3.10%
GDP per capita 2,000 USD
GDP by sector
Agriculture 23.00%
Industry 7.00%
Service 70.00%
State budget
Revenue 55.52 million
Expenditure 59.71 million
Proportion of the population below the national poverty line
Distribution of household income
Top 10% k. A.
Lower 10% k. A.
Industrial production growth rate 1.10%
Investment volume
National debt 26.30% of GDP
Foreign exchange reserves $ 7,479,000
Tourism 2013
Visitors 6,000
Revenue 3,900,000 USD

Kiribati Overview

Moor! This Kiribati greeting and welcome fits well in the Finnish mouth. This small large state is well suited for those who want a South Sea atmosphere. Kiribati is ideal for travelers looking to discover new places, outside the normal tourist destinations. For divers, the submarine life is as wonderful as on other Pacific islands. If you’re interested in military history, the Battle of Tarawa was one of the bloodiest in World War II in the Pacific.

Kiribati is made up of separate islands and groups of islands. Kiribati is located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean about 1,500 kilometers north of Fiji. Each of the 33 islands has its own unique customs, rituals, myths, legends and lifestyles. Most, tourists heading to Tarawa, fishermen will find great opportunities on the island of Kiritimat.

Area: 811 km2

Population: 111,796 (estimate 7/2020)

Capital: Tarawa

Language: Kiribati and English

Currency: Kiribati Dollar, Australian Dollar (AUD)

Religion: The largest religion is Christianity 55%, Protestants 36%, Mormons 3.1%, Baha’is 2.2%, Adventists 1.9% and others 1.8%.

Form of government: Republic