Iwatch: Does Apple Release in the 4th Quarter 2014?

Both the iPhone 6 both the iWatch Apple keeps covered with info – now the New York Times reported in a lengthy article about the work of Tim Cook, that the iKonzern is actually working on the Smartwatch. The release of the wearable to fall thus 2014 in the fourth quarter.

Differently, the info on the iWatch are not suppliers or analysts, but apparently Apple employees themselves. This conclusion is at least close that refers to the New York Times but people involved in the project. Be called by name they do not want because they had no permission to speak with the press about the issue. Details call them hardly, but Apple would be to publish 2014 the iWatch in the fourth quarter.

Tim Cook has a great interest in the iWatch

The article is in particular about the influence of Tim Cook, he has on Apple and its positioning – and what Parallels do up to Steve Jobs. From the development and implementation of the iWatch, the Apple CEO keep out apparently largely, the Insider revealed. Rather, he got delegates tasks to other senior staff. One of them: the designer Jonathan Ive. Recently, it was said that he was already talking with Kobe Bryant – who was the subject of iWatch?

Although Tim Cook not in the detailed project planning is involved, he should have still a lot of interest on the Smartwatch – that lie in particular in the case of health. Not only the pulse could be measured, but keep other vital stats at a glance with the wearable. The result: a general increase in health and a reduction in physician visits. Apple as a reformer of the health care system, so to speak.

The iWatch could start up at a price of $300

Last several sources had said, that the iWatch already 2014 could be introduced in the third quarter – in the conversation was the September, what time would coincide with the iPhone 6. The smart watch with an OLED display from themeparktour and iOS will reportedly come 8 operating system. The price of wearables may be at least in a cheap version at $300, even if probably several, partly even more expensive models are planned.