It Turns Your iPhone into a Reflex with 645Pro Camera

Mobile photography lovers have a vast array of applications that allow you to benefit from all the advantages that offers Apple terminal. All are committed to be the definitive implementation and the truth is that it is difficult to stay with an exclusive. 645Pro is an application that claim to go a step further with more precise controls that allow you to squeeze the sensor of the iPhone.

645Pro, user interface

Just the first thing that is going to draw attention-launching the application of the is its interface. Buttons, casters, and information display that maintains the aesthetics of a DSLR camera. From the interface we will control every aspect that allows the application.

In 645Pro there is no menu or submenu that is displayed. All options are visible. This base is very comfortable for the user who does not lose sight of the object or subject of the photo. In addition, starting is a pleasant and comfortable interface for photography enthusiasts.

What offers 645Pro

The first thing which we highlight of 645Pro is the capture format. Unlike most applications, including the Chamber of iOS application, you can select that the capture is in Format TIFF instead of JPEG. This allows a higher quality since it is a format with less compression. Also you can also select different types of JPEG.

You can also select between different measurement modes, alarms or punctual. Vary the speed of the shot, all via software, which allows us to capture more light in dark scenes. Control upon the approach that we can lock in a point like the white balance. Choose different sizes of the photo, and can vary between square or widescreen format, etc… As well as classic options as different color and B & W filters.

Not to mention innovative options such as a small histogram, ISO values and firing speed (already mentioned), if we have active or not the flash and even the battery level of the terminal.


Watching over everything it offers 645Pro we might think that we we obviously have the final application. It is true, it could be but we must remember that we are still using a mobile phone’s camera. This implies that despite many features that offer there are technical limitations that do not exceed via software.

But yes, the application is very good. Lock exposure, focus, and be able to select the shutter speed already is worth. Without clear, forget the useful information offered by the histogram.

The negative of the application The operating speed but go better with each update. Show as much info on the screen, shooting and save the image in TIFF and force the phone to capture an outlet for longer are actions that require more powerful hardware-level. Therefore, sometimes the application may be somewhat slow.

Anyway, for €2.39 – downloadable from the App Store– it costs I think it deserves to be tested. For many it will become your default photo application when you want to capture an image with the intention to preserve and not only to climb to Instagram.