It Prepares an Avalanche of Apps for ChromeCast, Is Sufficient for The Takeoff of The Same?

Google today announced that the final version of Google Cast SDK and Play Services 4.2, which already released privately among developers, just come to the general public.

One of the requirements to use ChromeCast as device where to play content was Play Services 4.2, which includes support Cast. For that one reason time released the final version likely to see how many applications are updated to support playback via ChromeCast as well, will be born new apps for small reproduction device.

Chromecast was introduced as a product that promises enough features for a price without competition but that, for now, has not seen the arrival of applications to take advantage of the same.

The Manager of Android SDK also provides the new Google Play SDK 4.2 Services around the world, so it already can be downloaded without any problems to integrate support to your applications. And this is more than what can we say about ChromeCast, a device that has not yet come to the vast majority of countries.