Intel Unveils New Atom Z3590

The SoC market for smartphones and tablets have undergone profound changes over the past few years. In 2013, the situation had largely monopolized by Qualcomm, which it held as many as 95% of the market share, only to fall to 66% over the last months, in favor of the main competitor MediaTek, now growing at 17%.

In all, Intel has moved timidly the first steps in this area through a few but effective partnership, as demonstrated by Asus in recent years and in particular with the range ZenFone 2, driven by a powerful Intel Atom Z3580 with regard to top-end Variant.

During this IFA 2015, Intel has wanted to present the latest evolution of Moorefield by introducing the new Atom Z3590, the next solution for high end smartphones and tablets. Changes from the previous Z3580 reside in an update of operating frequencies of the CPU and GPU, go 2.5 GHz and 640MHzrespectively, 2.33 GHz and 533 MHz, while against the old remains the manufacturing process to 22nm, 64-bit quad core configuration, support for 4 GB of RAM and all Intel SpeedStep, Smart Idle and AES encryption.

New Atom Z3590 is therefore the most evolved and powerful form of well-established architecture Moorefild, waiting for a generational leap more marked.