Installed ADB, Fasboot and Drivers Android for Windows in Just 15 Seconds

If you’re a advanced user of Android you know what we mean when we speak of ADB, Fastboot or Android drivers and also know that the configuration initial environment usually involve quite some time since we have to download numerous packages separately or official development kit and set up working directories.

XDA-Developers Snoop15 user has just released a package for Windows that allows the installation and configuration of ADB and Fastboot, as well as drivers for Windows in just 15 seconds. We present to you ADB Installer.

It’s a small package that allows you to install the components separately, either, the whole set of tools from a simple menu on command line. If you want to start messing with your smart phone, this kit is more than recommended by its ease of use and efficiency.

To use it, download it from here and run it with administrator permissions, then follow the instructions on screen depending on what you want to install.