Input Range of Smartphones to Zero Euros Back to Orange for Christmas

Orange It was the last operator with own network passed to the payment although marginally still continues to offer smartphones with direct subsidy through rates totally outdated and almost removed completely from commercial communication such as the Dolphin 20, 30 dolphin or whale 42.

But now and although temporarily, in principle, Orange has taken up the grant of smartphones with their current prices compatible with the payment, since the squirrel 7, although that Yes, that no one should think that they return the iPhone or other high-end zero terminals euros and it is that We are talking about smartphones range input.

Lately we are witnessing a general fall in prices, offering Orange payment by instalments, encontradose currently smartphones such as the Nokia Lumia 520 by 2.42 euros per month for 24 months, it is a total price of 58 euros for a Smartphone that free voucher at least twice.

But from today we can find a series of basic smartphones offer the operator for zero euros monthly, we’re free. Among them we can find own-brand smartphones such as the Orange Zali Orange Kivo but also others like the LG Optimus L3 II or the Samsung Galaxy Young.

Obviously We’re not talking Smartphone for any user due to its technical characteristics but that if they can do the times of smartphones to, older children who do not give much use or not looking for large screens or similar.

Stays of 24 months

That if, as they say those no one anything hard four pesetas and these smartphones as the current range of smartphones with payment by instalments have a permanence not already twelve months as in the past months but 24 months, whatever it is rate that the user chooses at the time of purchase.

Recall that previously Orange to sign 12 months stay in smartphones paid in installments if payment for 24 months, and that in the event that the user wanted to go after those first 12 months could do so freely only paying the arrears of payment in installments of the smartphone.

Despite the negative of this news, although it is mandatory to remember that Vodafone and Telstra are applying long 24 months of tenure at their sale periods or subsidized smartphones, this movement Orange unifies stays, There will only be a stay of two years in the rate, and eliminates quotas to pay rate change.