IHS Gut The Cost of Components and Assembly of a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

If we are talking about scrapping phones to see what is inside, then the undisputed kings with iFixit. Its spare parts let us see the hardware but there are those who go beyond and instead of being interested in the guts or if it is easy to fix, or don’t, want to see What is the price of the components and each terminal Assembly.

This is the case of IHS has taken a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and He went piece by piece to calculate much you Koreans components of each unit produced. The results are very interesting, although we must catch them with forceps since there are other factors not foreseen in the process.

290 dollars not counting much

Each Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a manufacturing cost (remember: Assembly and material) of $290. 35 more than the Samsung Galaxy S5. The amount increases slightly dissects the model with 64 GB of internal storage. What is the most expensive item? Clear the screen,.

Each panel costs 85 dollars, Exynos 7 processor is worth around 29,50 dollars. Remember that it is the first mobile that incorporates a 14 nm chip. The 3GB of RAM DDR4 are worth $27 and the 64GB memory amounts to 25. Component by component, all sum to arrive at the figure that we mentioned a few more lines above. Then you have an image of the disassembled terminal.

In this study we can draw several conclusions. On the one hand the unit cost of each terminal, the real figure is probably not exactly which says IHS but there must be close. However, must not forget that apart from those 290 dollars There are other costs that are unseen and more expensive the final price from any phone: labor, storage, logistics, research and development, marketing… Everything adds up.