If You Thought That QHD Was Crazy Waiting to 4 K in The Note 5 and Its Nearly 800 Ppi

‘ Why stop if the technology is as Baroque. More is more.’

Or that is what they must be thinking in Samsung. Not content with the arrival this year of the QHD screens of their phones for reference, Note 4 and Galaxy S6, expected a rise in face of the pixels to the launch of the next phablet of the brand.

The slide that you see above is not new, that projected a 2015 with panels (Super Amoled, we assume) in 4K for mobile phones. These campaigns return to sonar for South Koreans, hoping a Galaxy Note 5 with 8 million pixels.

The progress of the resolution would have little sense that for utilities like virtual reality, where still Samsung does not conform with “one resolution more than enough where the pixels do not appreciate too much”. You have to see here that they still work with PenTile, and the more than 500 ppi only preserved in green.

So that now ring bells for a successor with panel of 3.840 x 2.160 points in two different versions, as we see with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. According to PhoneArena, as it is customary with the line they would Note, during the IFA fair at the beginning of September.

The screens would be this time of 5.78 to the Edge version, 5.89 inches for the standard version. This would throw 762 and 748 dots per inch, Although the apparent resolution would be significantly reduced by the provision of sub-pixels of brand, if that he is preserved in the lately usual Diamond matrix.