Huawei Also Wants to Heat Up The Atmosphere with The Photographic Possibilities of Your New P8

Not only the LG G4 talk these days, and is that Huawei is also about to teach his new ship logo, a Huawei P8 to be presented in London on Wednesday April 15.

The Chinese firm already taught the teaser that illustrates the article with an emphasis on the autonomy of the terminal, but did not want to stop there, because now they have just made public a video that puts the focus on the photographic possibilities the new Huawei P8, above all in the light.

So far have been leaked details concerning the hardware, as a display of 5.2 inches and a chipset from origin HiSilicon with eight-core processor. Also a building slightly more than its predecessor, but made entirely of metal and glass.

In addition, spoke of 13 and 8-megapixel sensors for dual cameras the Smartphone, which will be one of the main strengths of the device.

In fact, if we listen to the eye-catching slogan of the published video-“Captures the wonder of light”-, have to believe us that the brightness will be the key to the sensor mounted on the new Huawei P8, that apparently will all the meat on the spit of photography.

In this sense, we must remember that the Honor 6 + which is on the verge of reaching Spain is the work of a subsidiary firm of Huawei, and incorporates a double rear sensor which, in theory, allows you to get as much light and information, as well as to improve the focus and depth of field.

It doesn’t seem that we have discovered nothing new, especially because most manufacturers are gone to search for differentiation in details like the camera principal of its smartphones, but hey it is go having more details prior to officially inform the future terminal Huawei star.