Here’s The Opinion Of A Specialist On The Apple Watch Wristwatches

The New York Times calls Benjamin Clymer of “the high priest of watchmaking”. He is the executive editor of the site Hodinkee, for wristwatches, which is on the list of 50 best sites of 2013 Timemagazine. So, your unique take on the Apple Watch is so fascinating.

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While most are comparing Apple Watch obvious competitors, as the Bike 360 and the LG G Watch R, Clymer examines how he stands on watch industry as a whole.

He gives us his first impressions as a watch expert, not just gadgets. This is a guy who is used to using $10,000 watches regularly, and yet he was impressed with the $350 device from Apple.

The reason? “Apple hit more details in your watch that the vast majority of Swiss and Asian brands in the same price range watches, and these details add up to a very impressive piece of design,” he writes. Even so, he is not yet sure that the Apple Watch will be a success.

The prints of Clymer focus deliberately on the outside: after all, for more than a timepiece is useful, it won’t get very far if not beautiful and pleasant to use. Here’s the main opinions of him.

Apple hit the design:

The design of the object-for example, the way the screen flows perfectly curve in the body-it’s just beautiful. As Tim Cook said during the keynote, you can hardly tell where the software and starts the hardware.

Apple hit the feel of an expensive Watch:

The General design of the Samsung Gear S2 is simply better than any other clock – digital or analog – in the range of $350 on BIOTIONARY. There’s nothing that comes close to the fluidity, the attention to detail, or simply build quality found in Apple Watch at this price point.

Apple got it right in offering the clock in different sizes:

The Apple Watch is available in 38 mm and 42 mm. I tested both, and both were perfect on my wrist … Any man, woman or child could use any size with ease. This may not sound like much, but remember this is the first clock from Apple, and it would be a very easy do it too large or too small.

Apple has respected the tradition:

In addition, they retained the Crown [the thumbwheel on the side]. Yes, she turned into a “digital Crown” on Apple Watch, but for a company founded by a man known for an aversion to your buttons and circuit breakers, it is remarkable that they kept the original control center of watchmaking.

They know what a Milanese chain bracelet (image above):

It is remarkable the fact that Apple still know what it is. I promise you that no other technology company in the world spend time doing this option admittedly outdated. But I absolutely love this bracelet because she is very comfortable, and very different from a traditional bracelet. I actually use a bracelet with Milanese style … and I get more compliments on it than any other because of the watch bracelet.

Still, lack emotional appeal to Apple Watch:

But people never milhões would trade a Rolex for an Apple, due to the excitement caused by our watches – the fact that they are so timeless, so long lasting, so personal. Nothing digital, whether designed by Jony Ive (or Marc Newson), would replace it. My watches will last for generations; the Apple Watch will last five years if I’m really lucky.

And smart wrist watches may not be anything relevant:

But we are certain that the wearable technology is something that we really want? There were those who used Bluetooth headphones publicly five years ago, and there are those that use the Google Glass. Smart Watches will become something that people genuinely want to?

I look forward to a detailed analysis of Clymer on other smartwatches, as the Bike 360. He says more things you like — and don’t like — about the Apple Watch in full text, you can check here: [Hodinkee]