Handle for Sharing Files, Grandmother is Ordered to Do Therapy

At the beginning of last May Anne Muir, a young grandmother of 58, he became the first person in Scotland to be convicted of file sharing copyright-protected network.

Investigations by the BPI and IFPI (Organization of Music British and International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, respectively) showed that the exact offers nursing assistant 7,493 songs and other 24,243 karaoke files in Direct Connect Hub sharing network.

According to the agencies, the files had “market value” estimated at 54,000 pounds, or R $ 142,000.

During the trial the lawyers Muir exhibited a psychological report which showed that the woman has an obsessive compulsive disorder that made her lower and rack up music files. In the sentence drawn up on Wednesday, the Ayr city court sentenced the grandmother to three years probation and therapy sessions to deal with his obsession for downloading files from the network.

“The court examined reports of three mental health experts to decide on the case,” said attorney David Cook – who has scored presence in other cases of the kind in the UK – the site Torrent Freak. “Although the psychological treatment that it will be forced to undergo probably will be a benefit, its entry in the criminal record is certainly not good,” he said.

“It is alarming that Muir is not a trading company nor was alleged to have made ​​money with his crime. Again the fonogrática industry chose to pursue someone remarkable only because of their vulnerability,” he added.