Google Still Buying Companies: The Ukrainian Viewdle for Facial Recognition Is at The Point of Sight

Google is always improving its ecosystem, and as major company that is, if something does what seek much better than them, enters the pools to be purchased, either by technology or by his team. This time has been set in the facial recognition of the focused photograph in the Ukrainian enterprise applications Viewdle.

The history of Viewdle are not few, as they have in Google Play the camera application You can tag people in photographs by facial recognition to immediately post them on social networks. Would this technology which will be part now Google, as company-wide have been with your purchase.

The applications of its technology can be many, from improving face recognition on Google + photographs may have the possibility of automatically labelling people which made a picture with the party mode of the app from Google + who upload photos to Google + event automatically. Only time will decide whether the purchase would be formalized