Google Search 3.2 Prepares for The Launch of The Google Android Now Launcher

Google has begun to update the application of Google search for Android to the version 3.2 from that moment has not announced its innovations, but we know that this new version is preparing for the launch of the Google Experience Launcher for more devices, now ahora rebautizado renamed as Google Now Launcher, and that moment is still exclusive to the Nexus 5.

When you upgrade to Google Search 3.2 for Android, When we install the application launcher from Google that there are filtering for months, will show us a view of loading of the Google Now Launcher and a new welcome message that will ask us import the icons and ancient home folders to the new application launcher, which makes it clear that the Google Now Launcher will be available on more devices coming soon officially.

Google Search 3.2 for Android It also modifies the design of this launcher for Tablet, showing 6 columns rather than 5. It also adds detection “Ok Google” English United Kingdom and Canada, and in the United States adds reserves of AirBNB cards.

We will be attentive to when Google officially launched the Google Now Launcher for all devices with Android 4.1 or higher. If you already want to enjoy this launcher you can download the previous Google Experience Launcher and update Google Search, although on some devices it gives error and closes.