Gloves from Hands Free to Controlled Satellites with Android. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

Each day gets dark earlier and is going noticing more and more that the summer is playing to an end but not were going to miss our habitual appointment on Sunday, our Galaxy Engadget Mobile.

The week has been marked by the IFA in Berlin, with the introduction of new devices by brands such as Samsung and Sony, with new and improved smartphones, tablets and laptops. But There is life beyond the fair and for this reason that here you have a summary of the best of these last seven days.

  • As we have said not everything was going to go around the fair which has been held these days in the German capital but it has been a curious attachment according to us from Engadget, Gloves “hands-free allowing you to pick up calls without touching the phone. That if you want to that you go preparing 49 euros.
  • Don’t know if making a portability or renew your current company in Exchange for a new “free” terminal? In In Orange raised if it out to account or not attached to a company and a fee in Exchange for the latest smartphone or if it would be worthwhile to buy it free.
  • The curious story of the week comes from the hand of the boys of, where echo PhoneSat, a project of NASA that are sent to the space satellite-driven Android smartphones.
  • Tomorrow comes to Spain one of the most anticipated tablets this year, the first hosted by Google. From Technology of your your wonder to who will run the new Google Nexus 7. Recommended reading for which is it considering the purchase.
  • To close this section we leave an article of Engadget Smart Home with an interesting reflection: the new mobile network 4G the beginning of the end of the fixed networks? A big question that will depend to a large extent of the deployment of this network.

So far, our weekly summary in Galaxy Engadget Mobile. We remind you that you can send tracks, links or contact us via the contact form.