From The Nexus 4 and 8 Windows Up to a Help to Choose Mobile Rate. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

Movidito week that we have returned to this time. Although it seemed Google News Finally the company didn’t we wait and we met all its innovations like Microsoft presented in society its new operating system, Windows 8. And as the developments have not been few and not remain only on these issues here you have our weekly summary, Galaxy Engadget Mobile.

  • We started with one clear players of this week that just today. Despite the hurricane, Sandy Google has given us to know among other things to your new creature, Nexus 4. In Engadget You can find an extensive article on the smartphone which will land on the market day 13.
  • The other big news we also met earlier in the week was the launch of can it be the resurgence of Microsoft in the world of smartphones, Windows 8. The companions of Engadget Windows bring us a good analysis of expectations setting to it.
  • There are many operators that saturate us with its different rates and offers the choice of the company making a rather complicated task. That is why from In Orange they throw us a hand with a comparison of mobile rates.
  • As we have already mentioned earlier in the week, we met the new commitment of Google, the Nexus 4, a call to demolish its adjusted price of high-end smarrphone. From Engadget Android We offer an interesting comparison with his most direct rivals of Apple, Sony, Samsung, HTC and LG.
  • Almost a year ago Megaupload disappeared after she and the network many similar services, frightened by the consequences that might have for its managers but does not give Kit DotCom. From Engadget On keep us updated on the matter and we already know the new creation of Kit,

So far, our weekly summary in Galaxy Engadget Mobile. We remind you that you can send tracks, links or contact us via the contact form.