From The Anniversary of The Death of a Genius to The Success of Movistar Fusion. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

Since the presentation of the iPhone 5 have several weeks in which diversity of topics Cup our weekly summary. But on this occasion could stand out above all the beginning of the marketing of Movistar Fusion this time will also talk about applications and not as the first anniversary of a guru that revolutionized the world of technology, Steve Jobs. Without further ADO, here begins our Galaxy Engadget Mobile.

  • There are many companies working on a daily basis trying to surprise us with new applications for our smartphone and minds but there are many ideas that come out of the day to day. From In Orange tell us the story of as the life of a normal family can arise great ideas.
  • Kids at home? You have heard then the skylanders, the latest fashion among the smallest of our homes. In Kids and more you have the chance to win a starter pack of its latest video game for Xbox 360 and a television special edition Skylanders Giants.
  • Whatsapp, TuMe, Twitter and Facebook … would seem that everything was invented around social networks and instant messaging applications but not. From Applesfera They analyze in-depth the Spanish Spotbros.
  • It does nothing that the iPhone 5 arrived in our country, both free as from the hand of several mobile operators so that the question is clear is worth attached to an operator in Exchange for a reduction in its price? In eBayers they have the answer.
  • Movistar Fusion has arrived, with its official launch, with what looks like a success, this last Monday. But not everything was going to be a path of roses for Movistar already that attempts to curb competition product now joins FACUA, we have it from Engadget On.
  • To close this summary we could forget it. A year ago now that Steve Jobs, the genius behind Apple’s success with a life of ups and downs died. In 1001 experiences make us a brief account of their passage through this world.

So far, our weekly summary in Galaxy Engadget Mobile. We remind you that you can send tracks, links or contact us via the contact form.