From Problems to Get New Google Devices The Future of IPTV. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

With the arrival of a new Sunday becomes our summary of the best of everything that surrounds our theme. A week that has again had a clear protagonist, Google. Debut single which was an Internet search engine has been a fun week and not without controversy, with the arrival of the 4.2 version of Android and new devices. But let’s go to the grain, it begins here Galaxy Engadget Mobile.

  • Tuesday was the day designated in the timetable for the arrival among others of the Nexus 4 and the expectations were fulfilled. In Engadget Android tell us as the Play Store, only way to get the device to 299 euros, plunged into chaos by the high demand that made it virtually impossible to get one.
  • Along with the new devices, Google has also launched a new version of Android, the 4.2, that despite not rename if that brings many new features. That is why from Technology of your your they miss a hand discover us the best secrets that we find in this version of the mobile operating system.
  • The previous recommendation already have a review of the news of the latest version of Jelly Bean but from Annex M They highlight another of the novelties. It’s Miracast, the new standard Wifi to share video that incorporates the new Android update.
  • And again we return to talk about Google, for the last time in this summary, but it is time to talk about another aspect of yours, your network fiber optic installed in Kansas. From Engadget On show us a video of as those of Mountain View carry out an installation that is already providing connections that are around the 700 Mbps symmetrical.
  • New topic totally different from who they have already tried. Surely many have heard of Raspberry Pi but do not know the uses that can be given. In Engadget Smart Home start now a tutorial on turning this computer from about fifty euros in a media center for our TV.
  • And to close the week another theme, the future of IPTV in Spain. The Alliance between Telefónica, which through Movistar Imagenio boasts the largest platform of television in this way, and Microsoft, which has a good number of consoles sold, can revolutionize this sector in our country. From ALSD Uriondo is his particular analysis of what can lead this union of two large companies.

So far, our weekly summary in Galaxy Engadget Mobile. We remind you that you can send tracks, links or contact us via the contact form.