From a Wide Selection of Ideas to Give to The 20th Anniversary of The SMS. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

Three weeks left to the end of the year but currently does not stop. We have again returned to have a week without a clear protagonist, with themes of all kinds, from ideas for gift giving at Christmas, at the 20th anniversary of the almost dead SMS through the chart of knowledge of Google. We are therefore here begins Galaxy Engadget Mobile.

  • We started with the first idea to give away in the near future. From Engadget offer us a selection of smartphones that are around 100 euros, free or operators for those that do not require supertelefonos.
  • Now a gift for more fans of Android, which as not comes from the hand of Engadget Android. From stickers, badges, mugs to a mold to make ice cubes or the fashion of Android, a wide selection of gifts all prices for fans of Google’s operating system.
  • And the Mountain View system we had to the of the of Cupertino, with another rather curious and not very inexpensive gift idea precisely. From Applesfera show us a casing for iPhone that allows you to adapt objectives of SLRs in Exchange for $249.
  • And once we have finished with the review of ideas for gifts, already become out more for who has not been satisfied, we have to talk about an anniversary of the hand of In Orange. SMS, which marks the 20th anniversary is not just full of health and.
  • And as no, Google this week there anything new, though on this occasion it has nothing to do with your Nexus or Android. In Annex M they present us with their latest idea, the graph of knowledge which shows us with the results of our search information related to them.
  • And to close the summary, and put long teeth more than one turn for Engadget On, with a post in which tell us as in the University of Granada have a network that reaches the 160 Gbps, the fastest of the academic world.

So far, our weekly summary in Galaxy Engadget Mobile. We remind you that you can send tracks, links or contact us via the contact form.