Free Course for Programming on Android at The University of Maryland, Sign Up

Android It has become a majority platform within the segment of smart phones, and the programming of applications for it can be a perfect start to this crisis and economic recession that seems not to depart.

In fact, even if you don’t know programming for mobile or if you don’t have an Android smart phone also you can follow the classes of this 8-week course that gives the University of Maryland about programming to Google’s platform. If you want to start it, we notify you of today to begin classes and can sign up for free.

This course is recommended for users who have worked with Java, but no knowledge is not necessary, as it is a course for beginners.

The duration of the same are 8 weeks and it will be done online following through classes videos (with audio in English and subtitled in English) and exercises to go giving that you can try on the Android emulator.