Fans, Phones That Are Lost in Bars and Premature Operations Bikini. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

Sunday is synonymous with holidays. And as such, of Galaxy Engadget Mobile. A compendium of some of the more curious and notable in the field of telephony collected in a set of links to spend the Sunday day of more entertaining.

And of course, to open mouth, a little humor. The wars between supporters of Android and iPhone are parodied in a series of videos showing the ends of each of the positions. Cliches that are repeated over and over again and known to many of us. We opened this article with what Android fan. However, the article of from which is extracted, also shows the opposite position of Apple fan. You feel identified?

  • With Android, our colleagues from Engadget Android they make a journey over the four years that have been met since the launch of the HTC Dream G1, the first phone equipped with the platform that eventually return face to iOS. What about what lies ahead?
  • Do you remember the story of the iPhone lost in a bar years ago? History repeats itself, in this case, with which it is assumed will be the future LG Nexus 4 found next to the box of a San Francisco club. In addition to the story itself, Free Android It reflects about the lack or not ethics of certain marketing strategies to which some companies use.
  • Technology of your your provide us some basic notions to update our Samsung Galaxy S III Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the latest version of Google’s mobile platform.
  • In another order of things, and prior to the holiday season full of all kinds of excesses, Citizen 00 It does not suggest a series of applications for our phones to keep us in shape. To begin operation next year bikini time.
  • Finally, we leave you with the study “ AIMC: a journey through the milestones of Internet ” published by Bloggin Zenith, where he was picked up in a brief slide show some of the most relevant moments of the history of the network of networks, which also is left evidence of the beginning of mobile browsing or the launch of the iPhone and the revolution to mobile marketing.

So far, our weekly summary in Galaxy Engadget Mobile. We remind you that you can send tracks, links or contact us via the contact form.