Facebook Had the “Worst Fall in 4 Years” Yesterday

The problem occurred yesterday on the servers that host the Facebook may have triggered one of the worst falls that the site has suffered, it is what says one of the company engineers. The problems started around 16h and left the site displaying DNS errors and others similar to trying to access it. The unavailability along with the time of post-recovery lasting instability over 2 hours.

According to Robert Johnson engineer, this was the worst fall of the site in 4 years of operation. He said that the main flaw that let Facebook off the air yesterday was due to a poorly organized error handling in the database. “An automated system that would solve a problem ended up causing more harm than correcting that already existed,” said Johnson. The site only returned to the air when the error in the database was repaired and it was recovered completely.

Despite having prevented millions of people reap their crops in Farmville and realizassem missions to Mafia bosses in Mafia Wars (thus increasing global productivity), the fall of the site also caught loading certain pages that used codes hosted by Facebook. Himself TB was one of the affected sites.

It is estimated that around 135 million Facebook users were unable to access the site during the period.