Everything about The Sony Xperia Has Been Leaked Z4 Could Actually Be a Neo Z3

In recent weeks we have seen many rumors and leaks about the new Sony flagship. Images and specifications were suggested that what we were seeing was the Z4 Xperia. It seemed logical, although rather conservative jump but now occurs a twist in events.

According to an account dedicated to technology leaks, everything we have seen so far could be a Terminal other than that we believe that it is actually. No, it is not a Z4 Xperia and if confirmed what it says Vizileaks, soon we will have a Neo Z3.

A renewal to stockings

If we take a look at technical specifications and filtering design everything fits: a small technological leap (of 801-810) and a design very similar to the flagship of the last year. In this way, Sony would meet their annual renewals (spoken that it could submit a new phone soon) and get this phone to stretch a bit more pull of the Z3.

That Yes, the possible emergence of a Neo Z3 does not cancel out the existence of the Z4. In fact, would be strange that they eliminated the four as brand of high-end after launching a Tablet Z and a range mobile media (having skipped three) with that number. The feeling that gave in Barcelona was that of unification so that there are no jumps between different lines of mobile product.

If the rumors are confirmed, we would have announcement of Sony Xperia Neo Z3 In brief. It is expected is a moderate renovation and that the most interesting thing is let it for the Z4 future: new design, ExmorRS sensor with low screen WQHD pass filter…