Danske Bank Updates the Mobile Bank-Now Housing the Economy at a Glance

Mobile banking app from Danske Bank can be updated to, as the first bank application in Denmark, also to show your housing economy.

Danske Bank has just posted an update to their Mobile Banking offers a third wheel, which gives you an overview of your housing economy.

To be the “third wheel” is not always fun, but it may not always be bad. Now it has at least been given new meaning. How to describe Danish Bank their new feature, housing the wheel, in the mobile Bank on their Facebook page.

Danske Bank is once again also in front on the mobile platform, since their Mobile banking is the first application in Denmark, which can give a comprehensive overview of your private housing economy.

With the update makes Danske Bank also advised that you in fact through some time have be able to transfer money between your own accounts (accounts you have power of attorney) without NemID.