Cuisine of Nepal

Cuisine of Nepal

The cuisine of Nepal is very diverse. Recipes are very simple due to the fact that for quite a long time the Nepalese lived in harsh conditions of food shortages. For example, only 6% of the territory is suitable for agriculture in the country.

Rice is the staple of Nepalese cuisine. It is eaten with sauces (especially “curries”), with vegetables, with butter, occasionally with poultry, goat or yak meat. Beef is not eaten in the country, as the cow is considered a sacred animal here.

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A traditional Nepalese dish is dal bhaat. It is boiled rice with lentil sauce. In combination with side dishes – meat, vegetables, peppers, onions and others – “dal bhaat” becomes quite a tasty and nutritious dish.

The most popular vegetable is saag – leaf spinach or chard.

Fermented milk products are also quite popular – “dahi” (yogurt) and cottage cheese. They are mixed with wheat or rice.

Snacks prepared according to Indian recipes are quite popular. The most common of these is “samo-sa”. These are small pies stuffed with vegetables and potatoes.

Limbu, Sherpas, Magars and other indigenous peoples of Nepal eat such a dish as butter with coarse sugar. In the mountains, corn and sel is popular – a product made from rice flour, reminiscent of donuts.

Of the soft drinks, black tea is the most popular. It is used not only in the form familiar to us. In Nepal, there is a special kind of tea called bhotechiya. This is salted tea with the addition of yak butter.

From alcoholic beverages they drink:

Nepalese moonshine ” tonba”;

“chang” – a barley drink similar to homemade beer;

“rakshi” – millet or rice beer;

“kukri” – rum;

Various expensive imported drinks.

The most popular beers in the country are Iceberg, Tiger, Star, Tuborg, Carlsberg and San Miguel. Beer is usually sold in 0.65 liter bottles.

A very interesting drink “tongpa” is quite popular. It is a mug that is filled with fermenting millet grains. It is filled with hot water, which is then drunk through a straw.

Cuisine of Nepal