Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, Spain

Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, Spain

Costa Brava in Spain

Costa Brava is a natural beauty, a landscape that enchants. No wonder the Costa Brava is popular among tourists and vacationers is very popular. Incidentally, Costa Brava in Spanish means nothing more than “wild coast”, which hits the nail on the head. The splendid coastal strips of the Mediterranean are a bit wild,particularly the rugged rock formations. These fall steeply Mediterranean Sea down and have something impressive.

Visitors to the Costa Brava can look forward to around 220 kilometers of coastline. The foothills of the Pyrenees also stand out here. At Portbou on the border between France and Spain are the huge mountain ranges. The famous city of Barcelona is only 60 kilometers from the Costa Brava. Therefore, it is also recommended to plan a day trip to the Barcelona region when visiting the Costa Brava.

The picturesque fishing villages that lie between the capes are delightful and romantic at the same time. The narrow stretches of beach offer fascinating bays. For a picnic with your loved one over a red sunset, this is definitely the perfect place for any marriage proposal. Some of the bays are so hidden that they cannot be reached from the mainland, but only by boat. There is a wonderful insider tip for vacationers. In some of the larger bays of the Costa Brava, holiday apartment complexes have been built. A stay here is a real experience. The direct proximity to the sea and the beach location ensure a relaxed atmosphere. The Mediterranean mood infects everyone.

But not only wild beaches and steep stretches of coast rule the image of the Costa Brava. On the contrary, there are even long beaches with the finest white dream sand. There is almost a Caribbean atmosphere here.

Beautiful landscapes lined with numerous plants

The flora of the Costa Brava is surprisingly diverse. In the rocky coastal regions you can find mostly sparse pine, cork oak and acacia groves. Unfortunately, a lot of clearing was carried out in the entire area, fires and the dry summers played their part and so you can hardly find closed forest areas.

But here, too, the Mediterranean atmosphere radiates over the visitor. The macchia and gorse in particular provide the typical landscape. In addition, the many different herbs smell in the sun.

The wildlife too suffered damage from the numerous clearings. Today foxes, lynxes, wild boars and wild cats as well as birds of prey and originally numerous reptiles can only be found in their retreats.

The climate of the Costa Brava

For tourists and vacationers, the temperatures are especially ideal. Anyone who would like to visit the old towns with their historic buildings and small, winding alleys in the region or take a long stroll on the beach can almost always travel to the Costa Brava in summer. The temperatures in the summer months are between 21 and 28 degrees. The winter is mild and has temperatures between 6 and 10 degrees. Mercury hardly ever falls below zero.

Even in February the water offers 12 degrees. In summer the sea can easily reach 24 degrees. However, one should note that in spring and autumn strong winds with gusts of wind sweep over the region of Golf de Roses, which is usually very romantic. So you should rather set the travel time directly in summer or winter. Attractions in the region The Costa Brava is a real treasure trove when it comes to sights. Lovers of old palaces and castles in particular will not be disappointed here. A visit to the Romanesque monastery ruins of Sant Pere de Rodes is a good idea. Also the longest fortress wall in Catalonia, the

Castell de San Ferran is worth the trip. The completely preserved and restored old town of Pals, which is located on a hill, is particularly beautiful. They can only be reached via stairs.

Costa Dorada in Spain

They are called the Costa Dorada region, which lies off a 216-kilometer stretch of coast in northeastern Spain. The area of ​​the extends from Vilanova i la Geltrú to Alcanar in the south Costa Dorada. This section is also the entire coastal area of ​​the Tarragona province in Catalonia.

The more northerly located Costa Brava is more a household name. But the Costa Dorada differs enormously from the Brava in one point. Because here is a very fine-grained, gently sloping and soft sandy beach. Beach tourism is therefore very pronounced here. No wonder, given the wonderful landscape.
But despite the multi-faceted environment, only a few places on the Costa Dorada are major tourist cities.

Tourist facilities in Costa Dorada

The wonderful long and wide sandy beaches are the main attraction that brings vacationers and tourists to the region. Salou, for example, is a vacationer-friendly and particularly attractively designed tourist and vacation spot. Entertainment, leisure and a good tourist infrastructure offer holiday guests everything their heart desires. Other places worth seeing are Cambrils or Sitges. Numerous entertainment and leisure options are also available here. However, these cities are less geared towards action or young audiences. Above all, you will find peace and quiet and a cozy atmosphere here. The old city centers with romantic streets and narrow alleys invite you to stroll.

Cambrils is a place in the neighborhood of Salou. Holidaymakers who do not want to spend their vacation in the middle of a pulsating entertainment center have come to the right place. Above all else, Cambrils offers peace and relaxation. The beautiful fine sandy beach offers just the right environment. The many nice cafes and restaurants round off the tourist offer.
The beautiful old town, the marina, the beach and the promenade are also among the highlights.

The special thing about the two cozy places of the Costa Dorada is that there are small and beautiful hotels that are located directly on the beach. So you have a beautiful view of the sea and a Mediterranean ambience. If you really want to enjoy this on vacation, you should go to La Pineda de Salou travel. This is a small and very cozy beach town on the Costa Dorada. The idyllic surroundings and the direct proximity to the sea make the holiday a highlight. Those who spend their holidays here can be sure that they will not be disturbed by the hustle and bustle of tourists. Relaxation and recreation paired with peace and quiet ensure a wonderful holiday. There are six hotels and several apartment complexes available here. Despite all the cosiness, the place still offers numerous shopping opportunities and various entertainment options.

All in all, along the Costa Dorada you will find wonderful old town centers, dreamy villages, long and spacious sandy beaches with a Caribbean flair and a varied range of leisure activities as well as quiet and cozy spots.

Costa Dorada offers the right one for every need. In addition, there is the pleasant and mild climate of the region. Wonderful holidays are possible here for families with children, especially in summer. The water temperature is in a pleasant yet refreshing range. The daytime temperatures are hot but not unbearable, so staying outdoors, which is common on a beach holiday, is not a problem.

Costa Dorada, Spain