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It is raining today, the sky is gray, raining out Yes and I can not go out, but it is good that it rains today … at least with regard to these northern lands. Always good to a little relaxation, even in a forced way, to take a look to the Galaxy Engadget Mobile This week’s.

And we started at Megareader. You one of those who used the downtime on the road walk to read? Perhaps come you well the application recommended by our colleagues from Happing. Or perhaps even want to repeat that failed attempt to get a streetlight with noses?

  • He spent the summer and you’ve not eaten you a tail. You think that that beer belly hanging over your belt could have the blame. Maybe is time to worry a little bit about your health, if only by a matter of self-esteem. Nothing better than starting to appreciate it from this compilation of 5 useful mobile applications in my career training provided by our colleagues from Citizen 00.
  • Speaking of collections, Engadget Android Let us this week with a pair of juicy most beginners in the world of smartphones and the not so much. On the one hand, a brief tour of the best applications to take full advantage of the multimedia possibilities of an Android tablet. On the other hand, if you are fond of reading and want to take advantage of your tablet as eBook, well it will be that you take a look at the compendium of reading applications that also have gathered in this other article.
  • Fratricidal wars between “ fanboys ” and “ fandroids ” are something that is the order of the day. However this, which might be as the gentler face of the internecine wars in the core of the industry, is the faithful reflection of something that few have stopped to analyze. If our colleagues have done in Quiviger in an article entitled “ in search of the ecosystem complete, all wanting and only Apple has ” required reading.
  • It is possible that you’re one of the lucky ones who already has an iPhone 5 in their hands, or that at the moment have to settle for an iPhone 4S. You’ve heard of Siri, but apart from the questions “ jets ” always that are left to see on Twitter and some that are called blogs especilaizados, you do not have the faintest idea of how take full advantage to the new wizard by voice of Apple. José Mendiola leave it us clear and Crystal in the technology section of The confidential.
  • Has your Android become obsolete? We teach you how to give a modern and personal touch. There is nothing more to add to a title so very descritptivo as of Technology of your your.

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