Clay County, West Virginia Weather

According to, Clay County, West Virginia is a rural county located in the Appalachian Mountains region. It is bordered by Nicholas County to the north, Braxton County to the east, Roane County to the south, and Kanawha County to the west. The population of Clay County is 9,386 according to the 2018 census.

The first settlers in Clay County were mostly of English and German descent and began arriving in the area around 1790. The county was officially formed in 1858 from parts of Nicholas and Kanawha Counties. The county was named after Henry Clay who served as a senator from Kentucky and ran for President three times.

Clay County offers plenty of attractions for visitors to explore including scenic views of the Appalachian Mountains, outdoor recreation sites such as Little Beaver State Park, historic towns such as Clay Town Hall which was built in 1854, and museums such as the Coal Heritage Museum which showcases coal mining history. There are also a number of festivals that take place throughout the year such as Clay Days Festival which celebrates local heritage with live entertainment and activities for all ages.

Clay County has produced a number of famous people including authors Homer Hickam Jr., whose book “Rocket Boys” was made into a movie entitled October Sky; former NFL player Chris Crocker; actress Lori Loughlin; singer/songwriter Billy Edd Wheeler; U.S Senator Jay Rockefeller; country music singer/songwriter Marty Stuart; and actor/comedian Brad Garrett who starred in Everybody Loves Raymond among other films and TV shows.

Clay County is an ideal destination for those looking for outdoor recreation opportunities or just wanting to explore local history. From scenic views of the Appalachian Mountains to historic towns and museums there’s something for everyone here.

Climate and weather in Clay County, West Virginia

According to, Clay County, West Virginia has a humid continental climate, which is characterized by warm summers and cold winters. The average temperature in the summer ranges from the high 70s to mid 80s Fahrenheit (25 to 29 degrees Celsius), while in the winter temperatures range from the low 20s to mid 30s Fahrenheit (-5 to 1 degree Celsius). Clay County experiences all four seasons, with spring bringing blooming flowers and trees and fall showcasing beautiful foliage.

Rainfall is fairly consistent throughout the year with an average precipitation of about 41 inches (104 cm) annually. Snowfall varies from year to year but usually averages around 25 inches (63 cm). During winter months, snow can be heavy at times making travel difficult.

Clay County experiences thunderstorms throughout the year due to its location in the Appalachian Mountains region. These storms can bring strong winds, hail, lightning, and even tornadoes on rare occasions. The county typically sees between 10-15 days of thunderstorms each year.

While Clay County does experience mild temperatures throughout most of the year, it can be quite humid during summer months which can make it feel much warmer than it actually is. It’s important to stay hydrated when spending time outdoors during these months as dehydration can set in quickly due to high humidity levels.

Transportation in Clay County, West Virginia

Clay County, West Virginia is served by various forms of transportation. The primary form of transportation in the county is roadways. The county has a number of state highways and secondary roads which provide access to nearby towns and cities. Interstate 79 runs through the county providing access to larger cities such as Charleston, WV and Pittsburgh, PA. Public transportation options are limited in Clay County but there are some bus routes that run throughout the area.

The nearest airport to Clay County is Yeager Airport in Charleston which offers domestic flights to major cities around the United States. There are also several smaller regional airports located in surrounding counties which offer charter flights and private planes.

In addition to air travel, Clay County offers passengers train services on two lines: the Cardinal Line and the Mountaineer Line. The Cardinal Line runs from Washington D.C. to Chicago while the Mountaineer Line runs from Cincinnati to Parkersburg, WV. Both lines provide stops in Clay County at various stations including Clay Station, Elkview Station, Harts Station and others along their routes.

For those looking for a more scenic mode of transportation, Clay County also offers boat tours on its many rivers and streams such as Elk River, Little Kanawha River, Hughes River and more. These tours allow passengers to explore nature up close while also enjoying some breathtaking views along the way.

Clay County provides residents with various forms of transportation for their convenience whether they’re looking for a quick trip or an adventure filled day out.

Cities and towns in Clay County, West Virginia

According to, Clay County, West Virginia is home to several cities and towns that offer unique experiences for visitors and locals alike. Clay is the largest city in the county and serves as its county seat. Located along the Elk River, Clay is known for its historic architecture, museums, art galleries and other attractions.

The town of Wallback is located just east of Clay and offers residents a quiet rural lifestyle. The town features a variety of local businesses such as restaurants, gas stations and shops which make it a great place to visit or live.

The town of Ivydale is located in the northern part of the county and is known for its outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing, camping, hunting and more. It also has several local restaurants to choose from if you’re looking for a bite to eat during your stay.

The unincorporated community of Big Otter lies on the western side of the county near the Elk River. It’s home to many farms which produce various crops including corn, wheat, soybeans and hay. Big Otter also has several small businesses such as convenience stores and restaurants that make it an ideal spot to visit if you’re looking for some local flavor.

The small town of Bomont lies on the eastern side of Clay County near Little Kanawha River. The town offers visitors plenty to do such as hiking trails, historic sites and scenic views from atop nearby hills. It also has a few local shops where you can find unique gifts or souvenirs from your stay.

Last but not least we have Procious which sits on the southern border of Clay County near Big Sandy Creek. This picturesque town is home to several small businesses such as antique stores, art galleries, cafes and more. Visitors can also take advantage of nearby outdoor activities like kayaking or fishing in Big Sandy Creek.

Clay County provides residents with plenty of cities and towns to explore with each offering something unique for visitors to enjoy.