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The geography of North Africa
North Africa not only has numerous deserts and a wide variety of landscapes, but can also be divided into six different states.

Due to its economy and area, the state of Egypt forms a large part of North Africa. The Nile also flows through it, the longest river on the continent of Africa, Egypt for an astonishing length of more than 1,545 kilometers. To the north, however, it flows into the Mediterranean. Another body of water in this state is the Lake Nasser, which has a total length of 480 kilometers and a width of up to 16 kilometers. The Sinai Mountains, however, not only rise up to 2285 meters into the sky, but also influence the climate of its neighboring areas. The winter on the Sinai Mountains is very cool. Nevertheless, the geography of Egypt is very unique. With a total area of ​​more than 1.2 million square kilometers, this state extends over the continent of Africa. In addition to large cities and steppes, Egypt also has the shape of the desert.

Another state in North Africa is Libya. Compared to numerous countries, this state does not have an independent river. Only the so-called wadis carry water after heavy rainfall and high rainfall. The Mandara Lake, on the other hand, has a length of 175 kilometers and flows into the central coastline, which in turn includes a lowland. The Great Syrte, however, a volcanic mountain range up to 1200 meters high, can be found in the hinterland of Libya. Furthermore, the Cyrenaica Mountains in northeast Libya have a height of up to 876 meters.

But the topography of Morocco is also very diverse. Morocco not only has the highest mountains in North Africa, but also includes wide plains and a coastline of up to 1,800 kilometers. The country can be divided into five landforms. The highland “Rifatlas” is located parallel to the Mediterranean coast, which is divided by numerous bays. The Atlas Mountains, on the other hand, do not cover large areas from the northeast to the southwest of the country, but are divided into two mountain ranges by the so-called Taza furrow. Another natural area is the wide coastal plain and extends along the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, the highest point, the mountain peak Jebel Toubkal, has a height of 4165 meters, while the largest river in the country, the Moulouya, is 515 kilometers long.

Furthermore, the state of Algeria can also be found in North Africa and has four different types of landscape. While the Atlas Mountains extend to the south and along the Mediterranean at an altitude of about 1500 meters, the coastal plain of Algeria is subdivided by a large number of bays. On the slopes of the Tell Atlas, however, the longest river Algeria, the 735 kilometer long Chelif, can be found, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea. In the south of the Tell Atlas, however, there are no more water-bearing rivers. For more information about the continent of Africa, please check