Carroll County, Illinois Weather

According to, Carroll County, Illinois is located in the northwest corner of the state and is part of the Chicago metropolitan area. It has a population of about 15,000 people and covers an area of approximately 564 square miles. The county was formed in 1839 from parts of Jo Daviess County and named after Charles Carroll, the only Roman Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence.

The county is home to many attractions, including historical sites such as the White Pines Forest State Park and Savanna Museum and Cultural Center. The Carroll County Historical Society provides tours, lectures, special events, exhibits, and other educational opportunities for visitors. There are also outdoor recreational activities available such as hiking trails, fishing spots, camping grounds, golf courses, and more.

Famous people from Carroll County include actor Dennis Farina; professional baseball player Scott Hatteberg; professional golfer Jerry Haas; astronaut Richard O’Connor; country music singer Steve Wariner; politician Dick Durbin; former Illinois Governor James R. Thompson; United States Senator Everett Dirksen; and United States Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

Climate and weather in Carroll County, Illinois

According to, Carroll County, Illinois has a humid continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. The average annual temperature is around 49 degrees Fahrenheit (9 degrees Celsius). Winters are typically cold, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 to -7 degrees Celsius). Snowfall is common in the winter months and can range from 1-2 feet (30-60 cm). Summers are warm and humid, with temperatures ranging from 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 29 degrees Celsius). Precipitation is abundant throughout the year, averaging around 33 inches (84 cm) annually.

The spring months bring moderate temperatures and plenty of rainfall. April is usually the wettest month of the year, as well as one of the windiest. Thunderstorms are common during this time, bringing strong winds and heavy rain. The summer months can be hot and humid, but they also bring some relief from the wet weather of spring. July is typically the hottest month of the year, with temperatures reaching into the 90s (32+ Celsius).

Autumn brings cooler temperatures and lower humidity levels. October is usually one of the driest months of the year in Carroll County. Winter tends to be cold and dry, although snowfall can vary greatly from year to year. Temperatures often dip below freezing during this time; however, there are occasional mild days when temperatures reach into the 50s (10+ Celsius).

Transportation in Carroll County, Illinois

Carroll County, Illinois is well connected with transportation options that include roadways, railways, and airways.

By road, Carroll County is accessible via a number of major highways. Interstate 39 runs north-south through the county and connects it to larger cities such as Rockford and Chicago. U.S. Route 14 also runs east-west through the county and connects it to other cities such as Freeport and Galena. In addition, a number of state highways pass through the county including Illinois Route 64, Illinois Route 72, and Illinois Route 78. These roads provide access to local businesses, attractions, and services throughout the county.

Rail transportation is also available in Carroll County with two lines operated by Amtrak. The City of New Orleans runs south from Chicago to New Orleans while the Carl Sandburg travels from Chicago to Quincy. Both lines offer convenient connections between Carroll County’s cities as well as connections to major cities throughout the Midwest region.

Air travel is also available in Carroll County with two airports located nearby: Mount Morris Municipal Airport located just south of Mount Morris and Rochelle Municipal Airport located north of Rochelle. Both airports offer charter services as well as general aviation services for private aircraft owners. Additionally, both airports are conveniently located near major interstate highways which makes them easily accessible for travelers coming from other parts of the country or from abroad.

Carroll County offers plenty of transportation options for its visitors and residents alike whether they are traveling by car or plane or train they will find all they need in order to get around this beautiful part of Illinois easily and conveniently.

Cities and towns in Carroll County, Illinois

According to, Carroll County, Illinois is home to a variety of cities and towns that offer a unique mix of attractions and experiences. The county seat is Mount Carroll, which is located in the center of the county and serves as the administrative center for the area. It has a population of around 1,500 and is home to several historic buildings such as the Old Jail Museum, which was built in 1873. It also has several shopping and dining options as well as plenty of parks and recreational areas.

The largest city in Carroll County is Savanna, which has a population of around 4,000 people. It’s known for its historic downtown area with brick sidewalks and 19th-century buildings. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities here including antique stores, boutiques, galleries, restaurants, and cafes.

Other cities in Carroll County include Lanark with its quaint downtown area; Chadwick with its quaint shops; Shannon with its historic churches; Mt Morris with its many attractions; Milledgeville with its golf courses; Lanark with its picturesque lakefront; Thomson with its outdoor activities; Chadwick with its art galleries; Shannon with its wineries; Mt Morris with its historical sites; Milledgeville with its outdoor recreation options; Thomson’s great fishing spots; and Chadwick’s community events throughout the year.

In addition to these larger cities, there are also several small towns located throughout Carroll County that offer unique experiences such as Apple River where visitors can enjoy camping or fishing at Apple River Canyon State Park or visit nearby Lake Carroll for swimming or biking. Other small towns include Savanna City Park which offers many recreational activities such as hiking or canoeing on the Apple River or playing basketball at Savanna City Park Courts. Finally, there’s Woodland Park where visitors can explore nearby woodlands or fish for bass at one of Woodland Park’s two lakes.

Carroll County offers plenty of cities and towns that provide visitors and residents alike with an exciting mix of attractions, experiences, shopping opportunities, dining options, parks & recreation areas – all set among beautiful landscapes.