Cameroon 2006

Cameroon 2006

Yearbook 2006

Cameroon. In May, Cameroon became the 19th country to qualify for the World Bank’s and the International Monetary Fund’s debt-cancellation program for particularly heavily indebted countries. The equivalent of close to SEK 9 billion. was postponed, since Cameroon met the requirements for reduced poverty and increased social investment. However, as a condition for depreciation, there was reduced corruption and increased transparency in the state’s business. During the autumn, some 30 high-ranking officials were brought to justice for corruption. In a later review of the state administration’s activities, it was discovered that about 45,000 public employees who received salaries did not exist, which had cost the state equivalent to about SEK 70 million. per month.

The former colonial power in France granted Cameroon an aid package valued at approximately SEK 460 million. for five years. In return, the government undertook to invest at least SEK 180 million during the same period. in environmental protection in the Congo Basin. The 200 million hectare forest area along the Congo River extends over six countries and has a rich animal and plant life. However, human encroachment and extensive deforestation mean that 70% of the forest stock according to the World Nature Fund may have disappeared by 2040 if no effective measures are taken.

According to CountryAAH, major public holidays in Cameroon include Independence Day (May 20) and New Year (January 1). Opposition leader John Fru Ndi was indicted in August for murder in connection with the death of a party activist in clashes earlier this year between rival factions of the Social Democratic Front. He was not himself involved in the brawl but was considered by the prosecutors to have overall responsibility for the actions of his employees.

In August, Nigeria handed over the long-contested Bakassi Peninsula to K. The International Court of Justice in The Hague had already granted K. the right to the potentially oil-rich border area in 2002, but continued negotiations and formalities had elapsed over time.

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