Burkina Faso 2006

Burkina Faso 2006

Yearbook 2006

Burkina Faso. The aggressive form of bird flu, H5N1, spread throughout the year to several African countries, including Burkina Faso. In April, the first three cases were found on a bird farm just outside the capital Ouagadougou. Later, the infection was discovered in several places, usually in small chicken farms that many people need to get food or extra income. The authorities made every effort to stop the spread of infection, but there was a great lack of resources. The UN official coordinating the UN’s efforts to stop the spread of the virus said that the poor African countries needed more money and advice.

According to CountryAAH, major public holidays in Burkina Faso include Independence Day (August 5) and New Year (January 1). Three soldiers and two police officers were killed during clashes between police and military in Ouagadougou the days before Christmas. The brawl began with a soldier being shot dead by police in connection with a check in a roadblock. During the shootings that followed, several civilians were also injured. The unrest forced the government to postpone two summits that would have been held in the capital. Police were ordered away from the streets and guards fled from prisons, causing hundreds of prisoners to escape. After talks between police and military chiefs, the conflict could be rescinded after a few days.

About 300,000 children were threatened by starvation in the Sahel area, which extends to northern Burkina Faso. Although the 2006 crop was quite good, chronic food shortages prevailed due to three decades of drought. The UN had a hard time raising the SEK 670 million. which they have appealed to save the children. In northern Burkina Faso, the authorities also closed several water sources since arsenic contamination was discovered.

Burkese writer and professor Joseph Ki-Zerbo died in December, aged 84 years. He was one of Africa’s foremost historians and for many years the leader of the opposition in the country. In 1997 he received the “Alternate Nobel Prize”, the Right Livelihood Award.

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