Blocks Is A Modular Smartwatch Clock You Can Set Up Any Way You Want

While Google invests in your project Ara of modular smartphones, another category of gadgets already is preparing to enter the world of separate parts. The Blocks is a smart wristwatch with customizable parts, and it has already been shown in the form of a functional prototype.

In an event held in London, in the United Kingdom, the team of the Blocks made a demonstration of your modular device, composed of different pieces of blue plastic that can communicate. According to Engadget, in your current stage the Blocks is pretty big for a wearable device, but the fact that function as proof of concept shows that the modularity has a future in the world of wearable.

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In the image below you see the Blocks in your prototype phase. But he’s going to be very different when you’re finished, promises the development team. Currently, its creators try to decrease the pieces into something more suitable for our pulse. In the future, it will be much more refined and premium appearance, like the image that opens the post.

Blocks in your current stage of prototype. Image via Engadget

With the different sports watch, the WRITINGLES can be adapted to what you think is best at any given time. Will be a long time away from home? Put more hit him. For physical activities, use modules with sensors such as gyroscope and accelerometer, you may also monitor heart rate and blood oxygen sensor for more complete analysis. Put a SIM card input module for use in the mobile internet device. Choose different screen formats too: maybe someday you want a round, but in another might prefer a square, or perhaps one with e-Ink technology to conserve battery power, rather than an LCD.

Currently, the Blocks is being tested with a software developed internally, and the team also tests with the Android Wear, but there’s not even a definition of what will be the operating system that it will run when ready. But there’s still a lot of thing to happen. In the coming months, the Blocks will enter into collective financing phase, and the prediction is that the first units will be delivered only in the next year. The price is not yet set, but there are an estimated: $200 for a basic package, or between $300 and $350 for a premium package.