Big Test: Sweden’s Best Retailers

Selection, service and price tag – some of the most important parameters in the hunt for the best mobile dealers. We have visited 11 different chain stores and 22 merchants on the Web.

Selection, service and price tag – some of the most important parameters in the hunt for the best mobile dealers. We have visited 11 different chain stores and 22 merchants on the Web. Online stores and physical stores have different strengths and weaknesses. In a good online store, it is easy to search for different models, compare prices and see what is in stock. But in an online store, it can be difficult to determine which cell has the best build quality, how the camera works, or any screen is sharpest. Not to compare apples with pears, we have divided the test into two parts, each with its own winners and various criteria – more focus on price and the ability to navigate in the range when it comes to online shops while the sellers’ attitude and knowledge will be crucial for the physical stores.

Physical stores
When the old cell phone has given up and you need a new phone quickly is the physical stores difficult to beat. Direct delivery and good opportunities to compare different options prior to purchase. We have visited 11 different retail chains – the big electronics stores, operators ‘ stores, and independent chains. But can handle s ljarna to answer our questions and provide good recommendations?

Elgiganten is investing heavily on mobiles and now has two store concepts – “regular” Go with everything from headphones to the refrigerator and more streamlined mobile phone shops in the Phone House chain. The latter, you can read more about in the future.Elgiganten went about Media Markt last year and has the largest mobile product range on the market. In some stores you can find upwards of 100 different models. Most stores have a main exhibition with working phones in the long lines supplemented by separate departments for Samsung and Apple. The largest stores also has a business area with a custom selection of phones where prices are listed without VAT. Unfortunately we meet at several sites of very categorical assertions that are not really rooted in facts. A seller pretending to read aloud from a test in the Cell and says the phone has battery performance in the “top class” when the test is in fact described the battery as “okay”. Another attempt to explain the difference between Apple TV and Google cast, but it becomes very superficially. We get told that Chromecast works better on Android but doesn’t get much wiser when we ask about the development of the response. “well. There are more features simply. And then the clutch more seamless. Plus: large assortment. Minus: Deliver often overconfident recommendations without being able to justify.

Our site
Our site has not quite so large assortment that Elgiganten, but there is still a lot to choose from and plenty of opportunity to test different mobiles. It is possible to buy mobiles with plans from all carriers, but the chain seems to have a partnership with our site and just like at last year’s visit staffed Mobile Division in some stores both by staff from Telenor and from Media Markt. The skill level is high when compared to the competing major electronics stores. On a site, we get a very good demonstration of how the optical stabilization works in various mobiles and performance affect the ability to use different filters in the camera app. We happen to also be out for occasional lows — for example, a time when we are standing in front of a Pebble-clock and vendor shakes her head firmly and says, no, there are no bells in addition to Apple Watch that works with an Iphone. The chain’s weakness are few shops – only 27 pieces scattered throughout the country. With the exception of the Mall in Stockholm, there is also a strong bias modes in urban outskirts. Plus: great range and capacious surfaces. Minuses: few and unpopulated outlying stores.

Mobilizera has dwindled from about 50 stores last year to 24 this year. A salesperson says that there are plans to make the transition from mobile phone sales to repair, but in other places the focus is without a doubt still on sale. In a mall outside Gothenburg has Mobilizera a number of roving Barker trying to attract customers to the counter in the store. When we ask a question about the battery performance, we are greeted by against the question ‘ So you are going to buy a new phone now then? “– unfortunately a recurring theme in the chain. Low level of knowledge and clear focus on that rather quickly sell something which happens to be in stock than finding the right solution for the customer. In a store, we recommended an old LG G2 on the grounds that it would have both the best camera as best battery life on the market. There are nice and listening sellers even at Mobilizera, but they are unfortunately a minority among them we encounter on this year’s test round. Mobiles that can be seen on display in Mobilizera’s Dummies – at most a dozen different models. The actual handsets are tucked away in boxes, so it is difficult to form an idea of the real range. Plus: sell products from multiple brands and operators. Minus: Very limited demo opportunities.

Phone Family
Phone Family is on a handful of sites in the country, but the chain has closed down several stores during the year – the last just a week after our visit. Phone Familys stores differ from other chains, they rarely have their own premises, without unpacking the whole operation before each working day at open spaces in malls or in other stores. Phone the Family calls the concept “hybrid shops” and the surfaces are small – much like in Mobilizera. Phone Family offer much better opportunities to see and test the functioning mobile phones. The supply, however, has dwindled from 15 to 20 mobiles to about 10 per store. In addition to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, routers. Last year we noted a clear improvement in the level of service, but this year it has been more difficult to get information on how the products work, and the sellers ‘ interest seems to be to start up new plans. But there are exceptions. At one point, the seller is both engaged and listening, although responses most becomes a rabblande of numbers and specifications. Plus: opportunity to test despite the small shop. Minus: Messy environment.

Phone House (Go)
Phone House and Elgiganten merged in 2014 and it shows some time ago by the previous Phone House stores placarded for “Elgiganten Phone House”. Some of the smallest Phone House stores has struck again, but those that remain have generally received a substantial extended range. Mobiles are packed tight with many models per square meter of retail space, but central locations and over 40 different known good phones makes the Phone House a good choice if you want to get a good grip on the range without leaving the main street or the big malls. We can also find many more accessories and peripheral products than before. Good range of tablet devices, audio accessories, memory cards and smart watches. The chain expanded vigorously for about five years ago and in connection with it fell the skill level from the top class to a more average level. There has been some recovery, but the technical knowledge is still very good at several of the operators as well as at Media Markt. On the other hand, there is the feel of the Phone House has good track of all operators as well as many different brands of hardware. When we discuss the plans are sellers up-to-date on how much data is included with the different operators and we get balanced advice even when it comes to emotive issues such as the choice between Android and Ios. Pluses: Good knowledge of the plan. Growing line. Minus: technological expertise stays on the intermediate level.

Our site

About three years ago a savings package and held closed down Siba many shops, but in department stores that were left were given mobiles more space and the product range is now at a level that corresponds to the most well-stocked shops at Our site or Phone House.The chain has many friendly sellers, but in some quarters, there is the tendency to sell rather than good — for example, by claiming that a normal retail price on a cell would be reduced by 15 per cent and only just today. The skill level is below average – for example, we may know that Sony mobiles have better optics than SLRs and very vague answer when it comes to the mobiles that are waterproof. SIBA has not so many phones on display that Elgiganten or Media Markt, but the range is free from landfill and to the extent we can find older products, they have a reasonable price tag. Several stores have a special premium Department with the various flagship headphones marks at its own disk. Plus: Decent range. Current models. Minus: Lower service levels than those of its main competitors.

Technology magazine
Mobiles for the doldrums of the Technology magazine stores. In the best case, no working model on disk and in about a dozen Dummies out there in the store, but in some places we see no phones until we begin to browse the catalog. The home page shows the mobiles that are in stock at different stores, so you can see that there are often about as many models of Three or Tele2, but the ability to test is virtually non-existent. Technology magazine has a nice and dedicated sales representatives who take the time to show and explain according to their abilities. Knowledge is not always so deep but there are products in stock, they will be retrieved back and unzipped – however, it is only occasionally that something is loaded and can be viewed in operation. The exception is if we happen to ask a question that fits on the seller’s own phone – we get for example a good demonstration of how to enable tethering. Unfortunately, sometimes exaggerates the excellence of the products – in several stores described Sony’s mobile phones much more waterproof than what the manufacturer promises. Plus: great location-dedicated staff. Minus: no way to test yourself. Varying knowledge level.

Our site

Our site currently has nearly 60 stores. Previously, the range is always the same size – 32 mobiles per store. Last year we noted a slump where the range shrunk to about 20 mobiles on average, but this year is in the top 30 and Tele2 sniffs again which puts the chain in the same ballpark as Telenor and the Phone House. Tele2 has for several years made himself deserving of good grades in terms of both knowledge and attitude, and the trend continues we get a extensive and authoritative explanation of the differences between cameras in Samsung and Apple with plus and minus that matches the experience of Mobile tests. The real problem is causing sellers to try to explain the custom pricing in an educational way. The stores are often small in area, but mobiles are mounted in the grid on the walls to fit many different models, although it can be queues and congestion at certain times. Plus points for that many sellers either reluctant to refer to a colleague-or to a competitor — when we ask about something that they don’t know or that are not in stock. Plus: High level of knowledge and attitude. Minus: small shops.

Our site
Our site has a greater range than 3 and is located just under the Our site’s average in terms of the number of mobiles per store. The stores are spacious with good selection of accessories and other products, such as watches and tablets. In some places there is also a separate section for Broadband services company and a business corner with some additional phones. Unfortunately, information about the products entirely focused on that to buy them along with subscription – much like in Three – so you have to ask the sellers to find out cash prizes. The skill level is lowest. When we ask if the best the camera stops at the number of megapixels. An operator should be more about mobiles than the broad electronics chains, but the focus is on services rather than hardware. A seller is so focused on subscription to the mood almost becomes aggressive when we do not want to sign an agreement directly, but would like to think about it. Plus: Good range. Minus: variable.

Our site
Our site has extended the range and has an average of 35 working phones in the exhibition – it’s just Go and Media Markt has more to offer. Both awareness and response is better than previous years and we get very good help, both with regard to questions concerning the use and technology. In a store seller explains in detail how to install Chromecast and which apps and mobile phones it works with … when we ask if the price becomes the tip to buy it at another chain a few doors away – the product were not even in the range, but we still got good help. Our site’s sales people are listening, explaining and allows each case take time. Good when you yourself are served, but it also means waiting times. Our site is virtually the only chain where you cannot help directly at times like 11 or 14 on an ordinary weekday. Plus: Lavish boutiques, good range. Minus: Wait Times.


The hospitality is great, but Three have lost some positions with regard to the level of knowledge. Just like at our site, we are a little disappointed that a mobile operator cannot more on mobiles. In most places is the sellers very honest and admit clearly when they do not have the answer to a question, but in a store we are greeted by wild speculations regarding Chromecast and Apple TV. It is argued, for example, that the new version by Chromecast has remote control and that it would be easier to stream from Android to Apple TV than to. Three have fewer products in the range than other operators, but we find a pretty good mix both in terms of different price ranges and types of mobiles. Range is divided after the monthly cost of mobile along with different types of subscriptions, but it is possible to find the cash price in the small print of the signs. Plus: friendly and helpful. Minuses: Limited range.

Online retailers
For online shops, the price level is important. Many customers will find through sites like Pricespy or Pricerunner. Therefore, we have compared the level of prices between the stores and recognizes it as a separate score in the table. All stores except Mobilizera and Phone Family also has e-commerce, so the price level on the Web can also be an indication of the physical stores that have the best prices. The largest physical stores showing up about 100 phones in their exhibitions, but online, it is possible to find three or four times as many models in one online store. The figures are not entirely comparable because the online shops often lists the different memory sizes and color variations as separate models, but as a rule, there are more to choose from on the Web except for operators who have almost exactly the same range of products online that in their physical stores. A wide range of demands on the site’s design. Most stores have a search field where you can type in the brand or model name, but there are exceptions even from as basic functionality. The best shops have great categorization and filtering functions that can identify phones by price and specifications. To search and filtering to work, of course, the products also be accurately described. Unfortunately, the shift quality here and just because a site has a button where you can select, for example, to list all mobiles with space for memory cards it does not mean that the list is complete.Most stores have just cut-and-pasted look and the most important manufacturer specifications, but the stores that reach up to a four or a strong third in the rating for the site offers something extra – for example, its own comment on how cell phone stands out compared to similar models or testimonials from other customers. Finally, we examined the quality of webbutikernas customer service – namely the ability to ask questions in the face of a possible purchase. We have used the same questions as for the physical stores and contacted by phone, chat or email/form depending on what each store has to offer. The differences are large. Some stores have done their utmost to hide the contact information on the site, some do not respond at all while others shines with the full answer, nice appeal and a higher and more consistent quality of customer service than we get in any store chains. Among the stores who respond to emails waiting times vary from 10 minutes to several days. Many stores offer live chat as a contact way, but in some cases is the chat closed no matter at what time and day of the week, we visit the site. Cyberphoto retains the top spot again this year – forces are continuing the customer service and product information while several competitors are keeping lower prices. Electronics chains Netonnet, Siba and Elgiganten have moved forward their positions on the Web compared to previous years. They are all lower in price than Cyberphoto and can be part of the top battle if they bet a little bit more on customer service.

Our site
Website: Great search features and selection that makes it easy to find the best seller or upcoming models. Well-structured and detailed information on the many products, but sometimes missing specifications.
Customer service: Good but short or so e-mail replies with links to recommended products. Chat promise feedback on email for answers to tricky questions, but no contact.

Our site
Website: variable quality of product information. The site has advanced filters to list mobiles with different characteristics, but mobiles are not enough consistent described in order for it to work well.
Customer service: Quick and brief answers to some questions. In other cases, we are asked to put the question again – and in English or German – to a different address. When issues are taken care of is the answers good and detailed.

Our site
Website: Good search capabilities, detailed information. Simple filter which allows you to view, for example. mobiles with space for memory cards. Own tests, sample images from the camera and video on certain products. No comparison function.
Customer service: quick response and very high level of knowledge of both email and telephone. Supplements often with links to the relevant tests and articles.

Our site
Website: Good sorting of mobiles. Powerful search and comparison features with up to five phones side by side. However, it is not possible to compare phones with different systems.
Customer service: quick to arrive on the phone. Approved response time even on email. Good or so e-mail replies, but largely just answers on price and selection on the phone.

Our site
Website: good product information, the ability to compare up to three mobile phones regardless of the system. Suggestions for similar phones and accessories. Good search criteria. A little messy, but the site works well in mobile devices.
Customer service: Chat often unmanned in the time interval in which it shall be open. Approved response times to emails. The answers tend to be short and vague, but no errors.

Our site/call centre
Site: the site works almost exactly like Electro World, but has a broader product line. Elgiganten The opportunity to see the store inventory and choose delivery in store.
Customer service: high level of service and quick response to phone.The superficial answer despite many hours of standby time on e-mail.

Our site
Website: Good search functions with the possibility to separate after the system, price, screen size and other properties. Detailed product information with the possibility of comparisons.
Customer service: Excellent answers to emails – comprehensively and with links to articles on other sites. Superficial answers to chat and telephone.

Our site
Website: Good design and detailed information, but bugs in the site with links that don’t work. Useful and intuitive search functions. Own tests and video on many products.
Customer service: long wait for or so e-mail replies, but very good and detailed information. Limited phone hours and queues in several cases. Good level even on the phone.

Our site
Website: comprehensive product information. Easy to compare – even mobile phones with different systems. Differences are highlighted.
Customer service: clear and good or so e-mail replies. Pass level on the phone.

Our site
Website: Limited search capabilities – the only filtration on storage size and manufacturer. Clear differentiation by system, really great product info and the ability to compare phones. Handsets easier to find in range compared to previous years.
Customer service: quick response regardless of the connector road.Good or so e-mail replies with the attached background information.

Our site
Site: no option to sort in alphabetical order-only price, launch date and unclear factors relevance and popularity. The search function provides only hits on accessories. Approved level of product information. The comparison function is missing.
Customer service: responds to Norwegian, but good information and relevant follow-up questions. Quick follow-up.

Our site Marketplace
Website: Quick responsive site with well functioning search and filter functions. Even the ability to filter out products depending on where they are in stock. Very detailed product information with videos, reviews and accessories. However, you can only compare mobile phones from the same brand.
Customer service: long wait for short or so e-mail replies. Accurate information regardless of the connector road. Quick and good response in chat, but no way to write the query until the front of the queue.

Our site
Website: great range and several unusual marks. The ability to filter, but out of date selection of criteria – e.g. “touch screen” and “video playback”. The search box gives hits at the model name, but not on other information. Detailed description of the products.
Customer service: phone contact only through premium rate numbers. In order to be able to hold the written question one must first register account and log in. No contact via email.

Our site
Website: Clear and transparent page. Great product information.Easy to see if the product is in stock on the Web or in-store. Easy to search by product name. Filtering is limited to the price, brand, system and stock status.
Customer service: quick answers to chat and telephone. Involved, but not as fact-filled response.

Our site
Website: Very diverse information on the products-detail about certain, limited on the other. Tips about similar products, but no way to compare. Easy to filter by screen size and price.
Customer service: Responds quickly to both email and telephone. Detailed answers and considered good and accurate information.

Our site
Site: Simple and easy to navigate site with categories based on brand, price and features. Full-text search as looking for in product name and description. Churlish with product information or links to its pages. Easy to find contact information.
Customer service: Quick or so e-mail replies and easy to reach by phone. Brief answers to emails, but good knowledge level.

Our site
Website: Good search function with the ability to filter by brand, system and a few select Properties. Detailed information on mobiles.Guide to choose plans with clear conditions and prices.
Customer service: Long telephone queues. Long and committed or so e-mail replies, but a lot of speculation and dubious claims among the answers to technical questions.

Our site
Website: Basic search functions with the free text fields and filters for the brand. Detailed product information with many images and facts for each model. Appears to be a FAQ for every cell, but issues relating to subscription and is the same for all models.
Customer service: Very good or so e-mail replies – accurate information and well-reasoned recommendations. Hold at certain times, but the best opening hours.

Our site
Website: Good but somewhat limited search functionality. Easy to navigate. Brief description of mobiles. The opportunity to compare. Clear presentation of the plan.
Customer service: Knowledgeable and friendly on the phone. Wait about 5 minutes. Long waiting time on email and brief replies.

Our site
Website: price information focused on the monthly cost of subscriptions, but the clicks required to view fixed terms. Filtering by brand and a number of factors – e.g. system, FM radio and dust resistance. Don’t sell accessories.
Customer service: by far the swiftest response among operators on both email and telephone. Detailed and good or so e-mail replies and high level of knowledge even on the phone. We will need to provide your mobile phone number and personal identification number to set the written question.

Our site
Site: the home page looks jumbled out of high-resolution displays, but it’s easy to navigate through the products. Special category for mobile phones with dual SIM. Even a little more unusual brands like BlackBerry and Oneplus. Unclear what’s in stock.
Customer service: we make several attempts to make contact via email. Once returned a blank message, but no answers to our questions. The chat seems to always be closed regardless of day we visit the site.

Our site
Website: get search features on this page – model name and filter on price and stock status. Variable amount of information about the different models. Relevant tips on accessories and related products.
Customer service: Long waiting time and brief replies to emails. Very variable level on the phone.

Winner – this year’s online store: our site

Our site has an easy to navigate site with unique content – the company’s vendors ship their own tests and presentations of many products. Do you need help before or after the purchase, it’s easy to get in touch via email or phone and the shop has top-class service with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Winner-Best Retailer: Media Markt

Media Markt is second on the market when it comes to the range, but the stores are more spacious than those of your competitors and you do not have to queue up or squeezed. Even when we put together the scores for attitude and knowledge fall Media Markt on a silver place which gives the highest overall score. Most of it is in stock, it is possible to buy mobiles with plans from any carrier and service are a level above the average.