Best Areas Shopping in Krabi

Best Areas Shopping in Krabi

Thailand is a true shopping paradise, and while Krabi is not one of the best shopping areas in the country, there is a wide range of shopping opportunities available.

The city of Krabi is a place that the avid shopper will automatically head to, as it is the best place to watch all kinds of shopping. Another center with lots of shopping is Ao Nang, but shopping is quite limited. All centers have at least supermarkets, and there are also evening markets not only in the city of Krabi but also elsewhere.

The best products are of local origin, and outside of the Outlet Village and official stores, it’s not worth watching branded products, which in many stores are pirated. Local produce ranges from food to clothing at good prices, and it’s worth leaving your suitcase headed for Krabi almost empty.

The city of Krabi 2

The best areas for shopping

Krabi has a variety of shops in many centers, but the best places to shop are Krabi town center and Ao Nang, where the range of products is more limited than the city. There are shops elsewhere, and you can get one and the other, but gift shopping, clothing shopping, and some other larger shopping is a good thing to take care of off the agenda in Krabi Town.

The city of Krabi

Krabi Town is the heart of Krabi with the best attractions, restaurants and shops. There are all kinds of shops in a fairly large area, and those looking to shop can tour there a few hours and several times during their stay.

new ones from Krabi

The streets with a lot of different movements are the main street (Maharaj / Maharat Road) along which open platforms leave for Ao Nang, Ao Luek and elsewhere. There are all sorts of movements along it, and it’s a street worth knocking through first. Whether there was a need for medicines, other pharmacy products, glasses or their by-products, shoes, clothes, gold, jewelry, electronics or a wide variety of products, there is a so-called Around the Cro-Magnon Man junction at its best, and this is also the point on the street where the open platforms leave for Ao Nang and elsewhere. There are immortal movements on either side of this street, and everything of your kind can be found in the area of ​​a couple of three blocks. A great place to visit is, of course, the Vogue department store, which is air conditioned and has quite a few products from side to side and also one of the best grocery stores in town. For quick grocery shopping, 7-Eleven, next to Vogue, is a faster place to visit.

The side streets of the main street, known in Thailand as “ringing”, are also worth a visit. They are well worth a visit especially when going towards the river and do not lead to good shopping areas across the road. Soi 2 and Soi 4 are excellent streets to knock through well, and also the side street and promenade between the main street and the promenade are streets with shops.

Good gift purchases can be made, for example, from KLHouse (Soi 2), a shop next to Lipstick House. Its range includes locally produced natural products, including many products made from coconut and mango trees, such as bowls.

In addition to Vogue, you can see good clothes in the His & Her clothing and accessories store along Soi 4, where both men and women can find excellent value for money clothes. The shop is right next to the center of the area, i.e. the roundabout, and in addition to shopping, this area is good for a meal or a bar visit.

Also, the busiest side street of Maharat Road, Soi 10 , along which there is a market hall, is a good street for some kind of shopping. The larger 7-Eleven, pharmacies and a few other shops can be found along it, and the department store’s selections include slightly overpriced delicacies from nuts to dried fruit. However, the best place to do a variety of shopping in this particular area is the Walking Street Night Market, which is behind the City Hotel and whose stalls sell a wide variety of things. It is not only a place to come to see, for example, clothes, decorations, jewelery and all kinds of handicrafts, but also a place to dine and enjoy, where the Fri, Sat and Sun from 6 pm to 10 pm have a completely unbeatable atmosphere.

Over time, the shops in the core of Krabi are nice to watch, but it takes a surprising amount of time. The air-conditioned shops, the largest of which is the Vogue department store, are great places to crash during a hot midday. Krabi’s shopping streets are most comfortable to explore in the mornings or afternoons, but when the evening dims the core is usually quite lively.

marketed especially in Ao Nang

Ao Nang

Ao Nang’s long promenade, which starts around the port of Noppharat Thara, is a place with a lot of different movements. Most are pharmacies, small Grocery stores like 7-Eleven, clothing stores, optician stores and stores selling a variety of crayons and beachwear. Many stores are versatile, and 7-Eleven’s product range, for example, is excellent. Many branded products, in terms of clothing, shoes, bags and sunglasses, are pirated products that are not worth buying, but this does not apply to 7-Eleven or Family Mart. Pirates are distinguished from genuine ones by the fact that the price is very low and, in the case of a branded product such as eyewear and sunglasses from opticians, they cost considerably more. If you want to see examples of what genuine branded products cost,

In Ao Nang, it is mainly worthwhile to do basic shopping, and for actual shopping, it is worth going to Krabi Town. There are a lot of movements in the bend near the Haeng River, between Noppharat Thara and Ao Nang. There are then more shops on the promenade but less, and you will find them on a side street with good services anyway , which is a profitable shopping street only for those whose accommodation happens to be around the street.

Noppharat Thara

Adjacent to Ao Nang, Noppharat Thara is a serene and fairly limited resort, albeit with some movement. The shops are concentrated along a long and straight promenade , but they are by no means worth going elsewhere. Here you can get basic products like food and drinks, and near the harbor with Soi 16, there are beach supplies and all sorts of other necessary stalls that are good in case of an emergency. For those who are overnight here, the evening market on Wednesdays is a good place to visit and is on the street between the roundabout and 7-Eleven.


Railay is a place where there are really no movements at all. There is no need to take anything directly, as basic products are available especially from the beach promenade , which is from the “floating pier” to the north.

One fairly large grocery store with other products is on the path leading to Railay West Beach near the floating pier, Railay Mart. There are similar movements near the floating pier, and most of them are on their way from the pier towards Railay Highlands.

Railay, like other slightly more remote beach resorts in Thailand, has higher-than-normal prices, and this is also particularly evident in the prices of small shops and kiosks.