Benavides, Texas

Benavides, Texas

According to, located in Duval County, Benavides, Texas is a small town situated in the southern portion of the state. It is nestled in an area known as the Coastal Plains region of Texas and is surrounded by vast tracts of land that are used for farming and ranching. The town sits at an elevation of around 150 feet above sea level and has an average temperature that ranges from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. Benavides has a population of around 1,400 people and covers a total area of 3.6 square miles.

The terrain surrounding Benavides consists mainly of prairies, grasslands, and woodlands with some sections featuring rolling hills and mesquite trees. The Nueces River borders the town to the south, while two other rivers – Salado Creek and Las Palmas Creek – also flow nearby. These waterways provide plenty of opportunities for fishing, swimming, canoeing, and kayaking during the warmer months. There are also several parks located within Benavides’ city limits providing residents with ample recreational activities such as walking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball fields, and more.

Benavides, Texas

Demographics of Benavides, Texas

Benavides, Texas is a small town located in Duval County with a population of approximately 1,400 people. The majority of the population is Hispanic or Latino, making up around 70% of the total population. Other ethnic groups represented in Benavides include White (15%), African American (7%), and Asian (5%). The median age in Benavides is 29 years old with a gender ratio of 48% male to 52% female. The majority of residents are 18 to 64 years old and many have lived in the area for generations.

The median household income in Benavides is $33,000 with 25% of households living below the poverty line. Of those living below the poverty line, almost half are children under 18 years old. In terms of education, most adults over 25 have at least a high school diploma or GED equivalent and 15% have earned a college degree or higher.

When it comes to employment opportunities, agriculture and ranching are two major industries that provide jobs for many locals. Other popular occupations include retail salesperson, cashier, maintenance worker, office clerk, and truck driver. It should be noted that unemployment rates remain higher than national averages due to limited job opportunities within the region.

Industries of Benavides, Texas

Benavides, Texas is a small town located in Duval County with a population of around 1,400 people. The town’s economy is largely based on agriculture and ranching with some other industries providing additional employment opportunities. The most important agricultural products in the area include cotton, grain sorghum, corn, and soybeans. These crops are grown in the surrounding rural areas and provide an important source of income for local farmers.

Ranching is also a major industry in the region with cattle being raised for both meat and dairy production. Other livestock raised in the area includes sheep and goats which are used for wool and meat production respectively. The beef cattle industry has been a staple of Benavides’ economy since its founding and continues to be an important part of the local economy today.

In addition to agriculture and ranching, there are several other industries that provide employment opportunities to locals. Retail salesperson, cashier, maintenance worker, office clerk, truck driver, teacher’s aide are some of the more popular occupations found within Benavides’ city limits. There are also some manufacturing jobs available at local factories that specialize in manufacturing furniture or building materials such as brick or stone blocks.

Overall, Benavides is a small town with a strong agricultural base that provides employment opportunities to many locals who have lived in the area for generations. While unemployment rates remain higher than national averages due to limited job opportunities within the region, there are still plenty of opportunities available for those willing to work hard and take advantage of what this unique area has to offer.

Road Network in Benavides, Texas

Benavides, Texas is located in Duval County and has a population of around 1,400 people. The town is served by a network of roads that connect it to other towns and cities in the region. The main road through Benavides is US Highway 281 which runs north-south from San Antonio to Laredo, connecting Benavides to larger cities and towns in the area.

The city’s streets are laid out in a grid pattern with numbered streets running east-west and named streets running north-south. The main thoroughfare through town is South Main Street which runs all the way from US Highway 281 to downtown Benavides. Other important roads include North Main Street, East Third Street, West Third Street, South First Street, and North Second Street.

In addition to these major roads, there are several smaller roads that connect Benavides with nearby towns such as Freer, Bruni, Realitos, San Diego, and Encino. These roads are typically two-lane highways that have been improved over the years with asphalt paving or chip sealing for better driving conditions.

The small size of Benavides means that most destinations within the city can be reached on foot or by bicycle without needing to drive a car or truck. This makes it easier for locals and visitors alike to explore the city’s attractions without having to worry about traffic congestion or parking issues.

Overall, Benavides has an efficient road network that provides locals with easy access to nearby towns and cities as well as providing visitors with a convenient way of getting around this unique Texas town. With its grid layout of streets and its proximity to larger cities such as Laredo and San Antonio, Benavides remains an attractive destination for both business travelers and tourists alike.