Barbados 2006

Barbados 2006

Yearbook 2006

Barbados. In April, some fishermen off the coast of Barbados made the startling discovery of a six-meter long boat with eleven dead men aboard. The boat was towed to Bridgetown, where police found that the men died of starvation and dehydration. The men were probably from Senegal, on their way to the Canary Islands. The boat had fallen sharply off course and then driven with strong ocean currents all the way to the Caribbean. According to CountryAAH, major public holidays in Barbados include Independence Day (November 30) and New Year (January 1). The police investigation showed that the boat from the beginning had about 50 passengers who together paid the equivalent of just over SEK 465,000. for the trip to a Spaniard in the Canary Islands. When problems occurred on board, the Spaniard should have been contacted. The boat must then have been towed a bit and then left to its fate, without fuel and with food and water shortages. The human trafficker was called by police around the world.

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Barbados Overview

The delightful resort of Barbados is the easternmost island of the Caribbean. The island has a tropical climate and temperatures are around 30 degrees all year round. Beautiful whitish sandy beaches, variegated flowers, colorful houses and numerous sugar cane plantations dot the stunning scenery. In addition to tourism, sugar production is one of the largest sources of income on this small (23 km wide, 34 km long) Caribbean island. Barbados is a relatively flat island, the highest point rising only about 300 meters above sea level. Although Barbados is not ruined, the island has a lot to offer its tourists. The west coast has great beaches and golf clubs, the east coast beaches are a bit rougher but well suited for surfing.

Area: 430 km²

Population: 294,560 (estimate 7/2020)

Capital: Bridgetown

Language: English (official language)

Main products: The most significant natural resources are oil, fish and natural gas. The most important exports are sugar, molasses and rum.

Form of government: Constitutional monarchy

Religion: Religiously, the vast majority (63%) are Protestants, the largest group being Anglicans (28% of the population). About 4 percent of the population is Catholic. Other Christians make up 7 percent, practitioners of other religions about 5 percent, and non-believers 21 percent.