Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

According to ANIMALERTS, Bali is the brightest decoration of the Indonesian archipelago. This small island is part of a volcanic mountain arc, moistened by tropical downpours and literally flooded with bright sunlight. It is called the “Island of the Gods”, “Island of a Thousand Temples”, “Earthly Paradise”, “Treasure of the Indonesian Archipelago”. Its unique charm lies in the beautiful sandy beaches and luxurious hotels. This is an island of magic and mysterious cults, colorful ceremonies and natural splendor – here nature is in harmony with the original Hindu culture. Bali is a wide rice terrace, amazing with its bright greenery, coconut palms, volcanic mountain peaks, tropical jungle, white sandy beaches and crystal clear ocean.

On the island, you will not have to give up the usual sports entertainment, restaurants and shops. Excellent golf clubs, an abundance of tennis courts and gyms at hotels, paths for cyclists, spa centers offering massages and a whole range of wellness treatments for the face and body. Restaurants will satisfy the most sophisticated gourmets: excellent Indonesian cuisine, famous Chinese and Thai cuisines, a large number of fine French and Italian restaurants. Numerous galleries and shops in Bali have an abundance of various goods made in accordance with European design and meeting the most demanding requirements of products made of gold and silver, white and black pearls, inexpensive products with diamonds and mother-of-pearl. Along with the modern tourism infrastructure on the island, there are carefully guarded, national traditions and everyday life of friendly and hospitable people. You will witness ancient exotic rituals and fabulous ceremonial events that take place every day in numerous temples throughout the island.

There are quite a lot of attractions on the island that fill the rest with unforgettable impressions. In Denpasar, the capital of Bali, you can see the rich expositions of various museums, in Goa Gajah – “Elephant Caves”, with images of elephant heads carved directly on the rocks, and in Cheluka, the town of gold and silver craftsmen, you can buy stunning masterpieces of jewelry art. In Goa Lava, the cave of bats, a huge number of these animals are amazing, flying with a terrible squeak at your approach, and in Tampaksiring, in the monastery of Tirta Empul, you can taste the healing water from a magical source: according to legend, this source gushed from the earth in that place where the god Indra was looking for water to revive his soldiers, poisoned by the treacherous king Mayadanava.

Jimbaran. One of the most sophisticated and elite resorts in Bali, located in the South-West of the island, a picturesque bay, blue sea, white sand and fishing schooners dazzling in the distance. It is within easy reach from Nusa Dua or Kuta. Initially, Indonesian fishermen lived here, and modern luxury hotels have appeared recently.

Nusa Dua. The most fashionable resort, located in the south of the island, on Cape Bukit, is famous for its clear clear water and white beaches. For those who prefer the very best. Here you will find the best beaches, elite hotels of all well-known hotel chains, private yachts, the unhurried passage of time, genuine chic and respectability, excellent conditions for ocean sports and outdoor activities. In addition, Nusa Dua has an internal Galery area, in which a complacent vacationer will find restaurants, souvenir shops, and boutiques.

Tanjung Benoa. A relatively new resort that arose on the site of a fishing village. Located a few kilometers north of Nusa Dua, at the tip of Bukit Island. Here you will find modern hotels, green gardens and parks, beaches with dazzling white sand and the only thalassotherapy center in Bali “Thalasso Bali”.

Kuta, Legian and Tuban. A noisy and cheerful place where young people most often rest. Located on the western coast of the island, 10 km from Denpasar. Once a quiet village, Kuta has grown into a thriving, vibrant city with a large selection of budget hotels, a variety of restaurants, discos and shops, and an active nightlife. Kuta is the center of nightlife in Bali. At present, hotels have been built in the Kuta resort that meet the highest level. The Legian and Tuban areas are located in close proximity to the entertainment and shopping centers of Kuta, but at the same time isolated from the hustle and bustle.

Sanur. The oldest and most famous resort of the island of Bali, located on the Southeast coast, a great place to relax, beaches with fine sand and numerous lagoons. Now Sanur is an elite world resort. Beautiful gardens and a promenade along white sandy beaches attract lovers of leisurely resort life. Unlike Nusa Dua, Sanur offers hotels of all categories: from luxury hotels to small private hotels.

Candi Dasa, Lovina. These two tourist centers have become popular holiday destinations for people who want to be away from the numerous tourist crowds. Candi Dasa is located on the east coast of the island, while Lovina is on the north coast. Both centers offer fairly simple hotels and restaurants that meet the high requirements of tourists. The sand of most beaches on the northern coast of the island is black.

Bali, Indonesia