Bahamas 2006

Bahamas 2006

Yearbook 2006

Bahamas. In March, the country’s highest court, the British Privy Council, abolished the country’s mandatory death penalty for murder. The court ruled that it was contrary to the Constitution to automatically punish all murderers with death. The issue of the death penalty is sensitive in the Bahamas; the murder rate is high and there is popular support for the death penalty. The last one was executed was 2000.

When the Bahamas Film Control Board in the spring banned the Oscar-winning American movie Brokeback Mountain, protests erupted. The rationale for the ban was that the film, which is about two men’s lifelong love for each other in a conservative part of the United States, contained scenes of “extreme homosexuality, nudity and ridicule”, and that “it had no value to the Bahamas audience”.

According to CountryAAH, major public holidays in Bahamas include Independence Day (July 10) and New Year (January 1). Hotel Compleat Angler on the island of Bimini – known as a haven for American writer Ernest Hemingway – burned to the ground in January. In the fire, valuable items, books and photographs that were collected in the hotel’s Hemingway Museum disappeared. The hotel was a popular tourist destination.

Bahamas Map with Surrounding Countries

Bahamas Overview

The Bahamas is a politically stable island nation and a safe tourist destination. However, crimes against tourists such as robberies have taken place, so caution is in place. Moving alone in the dark should be avoided. Valuables as well as passports and travel tickets should be kept in the hotel safe, a copy of the passport should be kept with you at all times. A friend or family should leave copies of travel documents in their home country. Hurricanes and tropical storms are possible in summer and fall.

Area: 13,880 km²

Population: 337,721 (estimate 7/2020)

Capital: Nassau

Religion: 85% of the population are of African descent

Language: English (official language), Creole language (used by Haitian migrants)

Form of government: Parliamentary democracy, constitutional monarchy.