Bad Piggy Takes The Rematch, Tips Tax for Developers, The Invasion Android

We started our overview speaking of manufacturers: Sony wants their cams exclusively for six months, rather than the rest of the competition carrying them. Samsung has announced which devices will be officially upgraded to a Jelly Bean. Meanwhile, Sony Mobile is updating their models low-end with Ice Cream Sandwich. Android continues conquering territories and now comes to North Korea… in a rather unusual way.

If you’re Developer This will interest you, our colleague Remo explains how are declared in Treasury revenues from advertising on apps and Google Play applications sales. For those who have a Galaxy SIII’ll know that Samsung has already released the code of the version of Jelly Bean, the ROMs are on the way. The Note II Galaxy, which is just around the corner, shows us some of their benefits in a couple of videos.

BitDefender updates to provide protection against the failure of the resets to distance. Google Currents updates its list with many Spanish media and what’s new Rovio reach Google Play: Bad Piggies, with him also Jetpack Joyride, Rayman Jungle Run and Pocket plans. Don’t miss not Rebuild, a curious the zombie apocalypse Simulator.

We have our overview with a couple of curious applications: to change the system of notifications and which resembles the Jelly Bean, another of Ticketea, finally coming to Android. If you are fans of Android, take a look at the new series of figurines and how Eric Schmidt are encouraged to dance the Gangnam Style.

We see the week that comes in a new installment of ‘The Invasion Android’.