Awards from Engadget, The Privacy of Our Smartphones Up to The War for The Throne of Whatsapp. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

A week more and every day makes more cold and nothing better to be at home in a heat later Sunday. And to liven up the evening we bring you the best of the week. Various topics, Since the war of instant messaging applications, security on our smartphones to the Engadget awards. Without more ADO, here begins Galaxy Engadget Mobile.

  • And to start nothing better summary that the annual delivery of the Engadget Awards. A very technological gala in which the section mobile triumphed as best smartphone, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Sony Xperia U, in the category of smartphone input. All the winners at Engadget.
  • The safety of our smartphones and the privacy of the content we have in them is called into question lately but what we can do in this regard? From Annex M We show a selection of applications to protect our images and messages.
  • Breaking from Engadget photo for the further behind. On 4 December the deadline to enter the contest of photographs on the cold, which will then select three winners that will take one tablet Intuos5 touch M each.
  • Another matter of highly topical, instant messaging applications. Whatsapp seemed destronable but became Line and the operators themselves are now who try with Joyn. From Quiviger They analyze their chance of success.
  • They become the useful tutorials from Engadget On. This time it is the turn to Kristian Pielhoff all of us to make our own cable network to measure. And without thousand Bricomanía tools.
  • In our homes we have many times more than one device capable of playing but either by carelessness and the quality and power of the audio does not give use. To avoid falling into oblivion since Engadget Smart Home presented us three options to play music wirelessly.

So far, our weekly summary in Galaxy Engadget Mobile. We remind you that you can send tracks, links or contact us via the contact form.