Apple Would Be Working On Ios Clock With Curved Screen, Say Papers

The Apple would be working on developing a smart watch with curved glass, according to information from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal published on Monday (11/02). The project is still in its early stages, but apparently is being taken seriously, because it was even discussed with the parent company of Foxconn, Hon Hai Precision Industry, the company that manufactures Apple products.

There is information that the Corning company, famous for its glass Gorilla Glass used in gadgets from Apple, would be the potential supplier of curved glass that supposedly will be used in future watch. Recently the company has created a thin and flexible glass called Willow Glass. Because of its characteristics, this product seems to have been tailored for Apple’s wristwatch.

According to the newspapers, the clock already has a possible name: “iWatch”. The rumors about an Apple clock already existed since least 2011 and at that time the project was described as a logical extension of the iPod Nano, and the communication with the device would be made through the Siri to circumvent the limitations of this type of device.

If the arrival of the Apple to the market of intelligent watches (“SmartWatch clock”) would complicate the lives of other products hit the theinternetfaqs (like the Pebble SmartWatch clock), on the other hand, the Union of the current ecosystem of the Cupertino company with an equipment of this type (even with the limitations of your size), open space to explore various possibilities and also a new chance to innovate in an area that never served just like the iPhone.

However, all are still rumors and should be treated as such, because even with two vehicles as serious as the New York Times and the Wall Street by publishing this information, when it comes to Apple, it’s always good to wait for the official release to be sure.