Apple Watch Must Get To Brazil Until October Costing Between 2,699 And 110,000 R$ R$

Will Apple finally is ready to launch your smart watch in Brazil? Looks like Yes: according to MacMagazine, Apple Watch’s arrival is imminent – and of course it will cost a fortune.

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The watch will be available in two sizes, and in three models: the Watch Sport features aluminium body; the Watch uses stainless steel; and the Watch Edition is made of gold. The functionality is the same.

These would be the prices of each:

-Apple Watch Sport 38 mm: 2,699 R$

-Apple Watch 42 mm Sport: 2,999 R$

-Apple Watch 38 mm: R$ of 3,899

-Apple Watch 42 mm hosting: 4,299 R$

-Apple Watch Edition 38 mm: 110,000 R$

The watches wear bracelets with Apple’s proprietary fitting, which should cost between 329 R$ (sports) and 4,299 R$ (links in black color).

In April, the MacMagazine said that the cheap watch would come to HOMOSOCIETY in July costing from 1,799 R$, which didn’t happen for a variety of reasons:

Unfortunately the plan did not materialize due to a number of factors, including limited stocks, delay in the hiring and training of employees of partner stores (Apple Premium Resellers) and even a difficulty that Apple faced Brazil to enter the country with special tables used for the demonstration of the watches in Retail Stores. His own change of Board of Directors of Apple Brazil seems to have influenced the schedule of product launch.

Prices have also been readjusted upward, taking advantage of the high-dollar. Since April, the iPads, MacBooks and iPods have become more expensive, hurting even 40% increases.

Apparently, everything is ready for the launch of the Apple Watch, including the approval of the Fcc and the initial stock sales. The training of officials of Apple Stores in Brazil – one in Rio, another in São Paulo – already would have been done a long time ago. And it seems that we will find the Apple Watch also on iPlace network.

According to MacMagazine, Apple Watch comes to Brazil in two weeks, and “October does not pass”.

In our review, we concluded that the clock still need much improvements to become acceptable: for now, it serves only to those who “need to have the release a gadget that is new and different, even if they do not work well enough.