Apple Watch: Freehand Drawing Made Easy

Take advantage of the Apple Watch to draw: the tiny screen of the Apple Watch is hobby artist a challenge – especially when they have relatively large fingers. But also on the wearable, beautiful sketches can be and draw images – if you noticed a few of our tips and tricks here.

Practice and repeat

No matter how good are your skills at drawing with pen and paper – the first hand-drawn sketches on the Apple Watch will look terrible. This is not least because that space for creative activity on the small display of the Smartwatch is limited.

With a little practice you can get but still decent results. To do this, you must make just a few drawings – and repeat the same motif several times the best way to start. Also helps to draw a line several times. In this way, you’ll get a feeling for drawing on the wearable, even if your finger covering the display.

Use preset colors

So your drawings really impress the recipient, you should take advantage of the available color palette. With the so-called “Color Picker” you can select your one color – hold down a specific color to invoke the color wheel.

There, you can specify how the color of the next stroke should be constructed. Unfortunately, there is no grayscale there, but only full colors or white.

Stability when drawing

Keep the Apple Watch at the draw place, you should hold it. Best goes with your thumb, so that you can use your index finger to make the sketch. While you use your strong hand with her records in the normal case for painting in the best case.

If you achieved the results with this Swatch watches, you have presented at thefreegeography, you should remove the Smartwatch in doubt. In this way, you have more control and can make accurate drawings.

Play with the representation

Your friends will receive your drawing appears, as you have made it. It invites you to play with the expectations of the recipient: something that then becomes something completely different features, for example, first.

You can send even a cartoon, which consists of several images. This will appear on the Apple Watch of your contact in the order, in which you have drawn them. If you’re not sure during the drawing, whether you should make more additions, an already existing line traces again. This way, you extend the time window, because usually about four seconds after the last line is sent from a drawing.


Exercises drawing on the small screen of the Apple Watch just to see a line without

Takes advantage of the available color palette

Fixed the clock when drawing with the thumb or take off

Taking advantage of the opportunities of the wearables and customize for example a cartoon with multiple images