Apple Watch: A Watch Smart Problems In Beta

A few weeks ago, I started using Apple Watch. I paid hundreds of dollars to be a beta tester of the latest product from Apple. Well I can get my money back; After all, this watch still need much improvements to become acceptable.

What is it?

It’s a clock in aluminium, metal or gold 18 carats worked meticulously, with a tiny Apple computer inside. A computer that needs to be paired with an iPhone (5 or higher) to send information to your wrist for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

It shows the time, weather information and, plays music, accompanies their physical activity and heart rate, helps you find your iPhone, take you to a destination, and even make calls straight from your wrist, if necessary. Not to mention that he might even pay for things without the need of a credit card, configure alarms, timers and reminders, read email and check your calendar.

Oh, and most importantly: it runs apps. A lot of them. These apps that theoretically would allow this device to do anything you wanted on the wrist. There are many other smartwatches out there, but nobody makes apps like Apple.

Why is he important?

Everyone expected the Apple Watch show us if the LED smartwatches are such a good idea, or just a passing fad. Why? Apple knows a thing or two about stabilize demand for consumer electronics. Remember how the iPod has dominated the MP3 players? How the iPhone is gone with the Palm and Windows Mobile? As the iPad succeeded where other tablets failed?Yes, Apple has a tendency to fall headfirst into a technology just before she becomes a great success, providing key ingredients (like multi touch screens) to finally make it work.

But unlike smartphones and MP3 players before Apple comes, there is not yet a big market for smartwatches. The best smartwatch clock — the Pebble — sold only one million units until last year. People want even smartwatches? That is the question.

A pity that, with the current Apple Watch, we will continue to wait for this reply.


Before I tell you why I want my money back, I must confess: when it comes to purely hardware, Apple Watch is one of the most beautiful gadgets I’ve ever used. He looks pure and simple and timeless — even more than a lot of Apple products I’ve ever used.

For my test, I bought the most basic model I could find (the Apple Watch Sport for $350 with the clock and the white plastic bracelet) because I’m cheap. And yet, I can’t help but wonder how even the most basic product has a good finish.

How the curved glass fits perfectly into the metal body. Black tones of the great AMOLED screen. The accuracy of the digital wheel. All this, by the way, is amplified if you choose the bright steel version, which is better in every way. (He is pleasantly more robust and the buttons are much better to the touch.)

Apple Watch 38 mm vs. the Pebble original.

The Watch is small, and that’s great. Even the 42 mm version makes Android competitors Wear seem unnecessarily large, and my Watch 38 mm is a technological marvel in miniature. To be honest, the 38 mm version is small enough to seem too delicate my wrists masculine, but I like her anyway.

The best part: the bracelet Sport model is surprisingly comfortable. I experienced all the bracelets from the collection of the Apple, and the Milanese style bracelet $150 is definitely the most fun (she’s got MAGNETS!). But the simple bracelet that came in the box of the Sport model is pretty comfortable. Can I use the Watch all day without the desire to rip it.

You need to get used to it at first, since the buckle is contrary to what I expected, but the result is great: soft and discreet enough to avoid the need for you to remove it when working on the table or with your laptop.

I even admire the way you hold and release the bracelet. There is no need to use tools or a lot of work: just slide a button and let the perfect moment to arrest her in the body of the watch.I love it.

It is safe to say that Apple has solved the first problem with wearable devices. The Apple Watch is attractive. And if this was the end of my test, I would be very happy with it.

The dilemma of the smartwatches

But we have a big problem on wearable devices technology: most of them have no reason to exist. If you want to use a Apple Watch, you need to have an iPhone. So why not just use the iPhone? Why would you want to use a tiny screen on your wrist if you can use a screen much bigger than is in your pocket or purse? I call it the Smartwatches Dilemma.

Over the past two years, I’ve been listening to theoretical explanations to answer that question. So I used my new Apple Watch and review them one by one.

“It’s rude to use your cell phone during social situations, but you could check your clock without problems”

Have you ever used a watch before? Check your watch is the universal symbol for “I’m worried that I’m late for something more important than you.” In addition, check your watch in the year 2015 is more notable that check your smartphone. Everyone has a cell phone, and nobody cares if you get it out of his pocket, especially if it is a nice model.

But every time you expose your Apple Watch, people notice. They see the guy who spent hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars on a luxury item — and that is stirring on the wrist rather than talk to them.

“You can leave your cell phone — say, when you go for a run, for example — and still have all the useful functions of a gadget in your hands”

Only if your cell phone has connection with the smartwatch clock! The Apple Watch has Wi-Fi, which means you can walk through your House without your cell phone and you can still use the apps; play your phone remotely when it is sunk inside your couch; or even make calls straight from your wrist when you are sure that no one will see you talking with your hands.

But from the moment you step out of the reach of Wi-Fi, virtually everything shuts down. Of course, you can register that race, if present with a Starbucks coffee using your credit card information stored in the watch, or until you hear a musical selection limited if you have Bluetooth headphones … but that’s pretty much it.

Ah, you cannot connect to the 190 when I’m in that dark alley, won’t receive urgent calls from friends and family, and will not have any GPS instruction if you lose.

Yes, I think you better stay with your cell phone in hands.

“You can save so much time checking your watch instead of searching for your cell phone” and “it’s not nice to control the world by your wrist?”

Only if you are not working on your wrist. But you’ll be. And much. And that can be a pain in the ass.

Follow my answer to the dilemma of the smartwatch clock: it only makes sense to use a watch when he is faster, nicer and more intuitive than open an app on your phone. That’s when you find yourself in a situation where you cannot or should not take the smartphone your pocket with ease … or when it’s much more fun to do things for your Communicator sci-fi pulse. (More on this below).

The Apple Watch showed me that these uses exist. They’re just paralyzed by frustrating user interface. So let’s talk about it.

Controlling Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has three buttons, a touch screen and a Crown. One of the buttons is the Crown itself, and the other is under the screen, if you squeeze it hard, but that is the confusing part. The confusing part is that they don’t always do what you want.

Take the Digital Crown, the rotary knob laser engraved on the side of the watch. This is my favorite part of this little machine. Scroll through lists of notifications, text messages and e-mails even integers is something more fluid. I never thought to read in a watch was making some sense, but the Crown makes it work.

But if you want to scroll through apps, forget it. Apple makes you move through the beautiful carousel of apps by terrible touch screen. A screen small enough — particularly the 38 version — so I choose the wrong app accidentally.

Like I said, you can push on the screen to activate a button — the Force Touch from Apple.But there is no app that tells you that the Force Touch is an option — you need to try on your own to see what he does.

If you go down the finger from the top of the screen down, you get a list of recent notifications, and otherwise — from the ground up — displays the Glances. Are cards that bring your current location, your heartbeat, the next item of your calendar, the music controls and the important page to configure your clock to the quiet mode (and you’ll want to do this — the sound of the notifications are high and tend to irritate anyone and anything that are closest to you).

Oh, and these notification and screens the Glances I just mentioned? They only work on the screen that shows the time. Does not work the merry-go-round of apps and not within any other app.

Then you just need to press the ‘ home ‘ button to go back to the screen that shows the time and slide your finger up, right? Isn’t that what the ‘ home ‘ button do? No. The ‘ home ‘ button is actually a button to return — it takes you to the previous step, one step at a time and is very frustrating.

Allow me to illustrate: If you’re in an app, you have to press the home button three times to return to the home screen — a time to return to carousel of apps, another to centralize the carousel of apps and a third time to return to the home screen. Or you can press it twice really quickly to toggle between the app and the splash screen. Unless you’re on a merry-go-round of apps, because in this case he will return to the app, not the home screen. You’re already confused?

Here is what happens in practice: I want to skip to the next song or see my heartbeat, then grip the Crown twice … but a bit too slow. The carousel of apps is shown and centered. Then slide your finger from bottom to top, thinking I’m on home screen … but instead, I’ll just send the carousel of apps for a random direction. Swearing too, press the button again to go to home screen … only to have the carousel of apps is centered again. Already frustrated, grip the Crown twice quickly and I find myself back in the app, instead of on the home screen.And this is where I usually stop caring and people often tell me that I’m a patient guy.

Other controls do not become so confused. You press the bottom button once to send messages to your friends, and two to open the Apple Pay; When you hold him, you turn off the clock. I would like the second button had been used more wisely: these are things that I rarely use the clock, and the combination touchscreen/home button looks a bit iffy.

It is important to remember that the Apple Watch is not particularly fast. There may be big lags here and there and even by just sliding your finger on the screen. Apps can take so long to open that you might find that they fought. This is something that happens occasionally.And when they fight, there’s nothing you can do but reset the clock or pretend that there are no apps.

All this makes it hard to Watch something more apps fast, easy and fun than take my Pocket smartphone.

Then, follow the many, many features of the Apple Watch that failed and some who gave value to my money.

Where the Apple Watch failed

Like clockwork

It shows the hours, of course, but you need to raise your wrist and wait a moment until the call screen. It’s not a long time — certainly less than unlock a phone — but when talking to check the time, any wait sounds stupid. And it looks like a bigger idiot every twentieth time when he does not activate alone.

I also don’t love any of the initial screens included him — although he liked how you can add small widgets to show things like calendar events and progress in physical activities. And I think that it is cool to see when the Sun will rise or set with a turn of the Crown.

Leaving the screen connected

Not only is it necessary to raise your pulse to turn on the screen, she also turns off alone — whether you like it or not. In some cases, she can turn to when you are using. She came off on my face a few times while I was trying to open an application; When he looked at the time; and even when the clock was supposed to be listening to my voice commands. I understand that this is a way for Apple to save the battery of the Watch, but it is very frustrating.

Serious physical activity

Apple promised that the Watch would tell me when I spent a lot of time sitting, and accompany the burning of my calories accurately. The Watch comes with a heart rate monitor and asks for me to get up occasionally … but both functions are pretty useless. For example, the Apple Watch regularly asks me to get up when I’m working on (think about that for a minute). A few days ago, asked me to get up soon after I have sat.

On most days, Apple Watch battery wasn’t a problem for me — I would lie down to sleep with 40 to 50% of the battery. But the day I used the heart rate monitor for a single hour, the clock didn’t last until the end of the afternoon. At least he always monitors your footsteps?

Energy conservation mode

When the battery reaches 10%, Apple Watch asks for you to change to the energy conservation mode. He does nothing but show the hours, and even that requires you to press a button. And if you want to go back to normal mode to look at something quickly, you can’t: you must plug the charger in it.

Screening of notifications

The only thing that I’ve always liked in smartwatches, since the Pebble, is receiving notifications on my wrists. If you ask me, is the most important function that a smartwatch clock can do. And that’s why I’m so confused when they are harder to use in Apple Watch than I do any other platform.

While most of them seem to be on time, I’ve seen some arrive with few delays, other ridiculously late, and some heaps. Why do I say generally that I have “three notifications from Facebook” and “two messages in Gmail” when I have the lovely Crown could allow me to get the messages in full? Even worse, dismiss the notifications on the Watch is a lot of work — you have to touch and slide each one of them or destroy all at once pressing Force Touch screen.


Maybe you’re dreaming in reading and replying messages in your Gmail by your clock.Forget. There is no Gmail app to Watch and you can barely understand beginning of messages in notifications that Gmail app for the iPhone sends him. The Apple Mail app allows you to read messages, but does not send Gmail to your watch. You need to manually pull them from the cloud. And it is not possible to write responses. It is much simpler to just take the cell phone pocket your.


Supposedly, you can start reading something in the Watch and finish reading it on a cell phone — as these poor Gmail notifications mentioned above. But I don’t know how to do it safely. Sometimes, I see a small icon when unlocking my phone indicating that a download is ready. So I unlock the phone. In some cases I start the correct application. In others not.

And such transfer will unlock your phone thinks you the old-fashioned way — you know, before the Apple add biometric sensor that instantly unlocks your cell phone when you put your finger over the home button and open. Apple really expect me to block my mobile to unlock it otherwise?


See “controlling the Apple Watch” above.

Controlling music

It is very nice to use the Crown to control the volume on my phone across the room … but for that I need to touch small buttons on the touchscreen to select the music you want to hear, and/or open the controls at Glance. Maybe it’s even necessary to change between the app and the Glance repeatedly, because some developers of apps are not inserting the volume control within their own apps. Oh, and as far as I know, you cannot play music from Apple Watch speaker — not even radio. He is transferred directly to the phone.

Almost all my links

To participate in a call, you move your mouth’s clock repeatedly to your ear. So, walk down the street with my Apple Watch right on top of my face is almost asking for a punch. Keep the cell phone.

Almost everything in the car

I’ll discuss directions soon. They are pretty cool. But other than that, the experience is pretty bad. Bad type, I-don’t-believe-you-sell-this-thing-so. When my iPhone is connected to the Apple Watch and to my car at the same time, calls are no longer directed to my car, and not even my watch — they go directly to the iPhone.

Somehow, Apple has managed to make these two wonders of wireless technology cancel each other. That sounds like something that can be fixed in an update.

Oh, and if I call the Siri while I drive, I don’t want to have to hit a tiny screen to confirm that, Yes, I want to do what I just said.

Yelp can’t upload a list of cafes nearby

Almost everything involving third-party apps

Already there are about 3.500 apps available for Apple Watch, and most of them are horrible.And the worst part: you can’t know until you test them. Apple provides a small collection of them at Apple Watch app, but you need to find the rest — and how the apps of the Watch are considered part of the apps for iPhone, you might end up downloading something with fantastic reviews only to find that the version for the Apple Watch is bad. I downloaded any app that seemed remotely interesting, and here are some sins in common:

Apps with touch buttons too small to shake (I’m looking at you, Blackjack)

Apps with completely unrelated functions to the iPhone version (the BuzzFeed app is just a daily quiz)

Games that are not games, but only apps associated with the real games on mobile (wants to play Modern Combat 5 on your watch? Go for it)

Apps that do not install until you manually turn them on iPhone (too many to name a only)

Apps that require login on the iPhone before, when you’re not even sure if you want the version for iPhone (Ditto)

Apps that take forever to load (Flipboard) or locking

Apps that are arbitrarily limited to the content of the normal version

I think the latter is the one that annoys me, because the Crown makes it very easy to scroll through long texts. Scroll five tweets at a time or a single long story from Yahoo News Digest makes me furious. Square photos Instagram and the mentality of “favorite” are perfect for the Apple Watch, so why limit me to see only the last nine pictures from my feed?

Apple Pay

I would like to use Apple Pay. I might even like him one day, but for now, show a $350 for an attendant underpaid causes I feel like a total asshole. Especially when I realize that the store does not accept Pay Apple (I did it twice).

What I like in my Apple Watch


It is strange to think, but it’s true: the most reliable way to control Apple Watch is by voice commands. Tired of the touch screen, I use Siri to practically anything. Just secure the Crown, I speak a few words and the app I want, or a text message that I just explained to you, or a new entry to my calendar.

Reply to messages

My wife likes to write for me. And she should be used to the fact that I rarely answer. I usually don’t see them coming, I can abstain from answering them and I kind of hate to write responses. But with voice commands I can just say a phrase to the clock and he plays my voice very well, even with music, noise in the car or a room in the background. Google also has a good voice recognition software, but I think Apple is best to cancel noise.

Receive quick links

Public relations people call me — a lot — and I like to at least answer the calls. But I don’t like to have to get my phone. The Apple Watch makes me answer calls without hands, which allows me to continue to do other things. And he sounds as well as the speaker of the phone, which is pretty impressive for a device of this size.

Find my iPhone

One of the reasons why I don’t like answering the phone is because I usually don’t remember where I left it. Then just push a few buttons and a slide on the clock and the phone starts ringing.

Get step-by-step directions silent

OK, this is not as good as my Moto X, in which I can only say “OK Google Now, take me home” and it automatically gives me directions from GPS home without me even having to unlock my smartphone. But I can say “Hey Siri, directions home” after connecting the screen, wait 10 seconds and then push a button annoyingly small on the screen to have something a little better.

Because after I do that, I can just look at my wrist anytime for following directions, or even slide the screen to know what step ahead — and every time I approach a curve, he silently vibrates in my wrist in different patterns that allow me to know whether to turn left or right.

If it wasn’t for Apple Watch disturbing the links received by car, and how hard it is to get on the screen to change the volume Glances, I definitely see me using this function. Ah, but Apple also needs to compensate the travel speed to decide when to send me alerts.


Until I unlock the phone, I might have already forgotten what I wanted to remember. With the Apple Watch (or, let’s face it, any smartwatch clock with Android Wear) I can only say “Siri, remind me to take out the trash when I get home” and he is smart enough to do that.

I set up alarms in the same way — if I parked in a location with parking meters in downtown San Francisco, a quick voice command can remember to change my car. Ditto apps, Evernote and Trello also make use of the voice commands. Can I just dump ideas with my voice and file them to organize later.


Two grips to identify what song is playing, without having to hunt for the icons on my phone. I still need to hunt for the icons on my watch, of course, but it’s a little bit faster and convenient. I just wish I could ask Siri to identify the music directly, the same way I do with Google devices (at this time, the Crab warns me to use Shazam for the iPhone. She is not as smart as well.)


My new addiction, Lifeline is an adventure game that is on their notifications. Somehow, you have access to the Communicator of a survivor of a spaceship. He’s lonely, paranoid and doesn’t know what to do. The your job is to keep him alive giving him good advice, and then wait for a response (minutes, hours or even a whole day) about his progress.

You can also play it on the iPhone, of course, and this version even has a atmospheric song, but it’s impressive receive notice of new message and see what the astronaut has to say to you on your computer. It’s one of the experiences I had in the Apple Watch that are better than on the phone.

Dark Sky

I don’t pay much attention to the weather. Now, I wouldn’t be in the way more because of him. I paid for an app called Dark Sky, that let me know moments before it began to rain.Local information sent directly to my wrist, where I can’t not see — that’s a smartwatch clock should do.

This seems a short list for you? So now you know why I’m returning the watch.

We like

Like the look and the feel of the hardware. Magnificent end-to-end.

It’s pretty cool how the Watch protects your data — it uses your heartbeat to detect when you’re in your wrist, unlocked, and if blocks so it is removed. You can enter a password or use the biometric sensor Touch ID on your iPhone to unlock it again.

The bracelets are fantastic, and the Sport version comes with two sizes so you can adjust them in almost any wrist. At first, I was thinking that the bracelet was very small, but there’s another waiting in the box. Problem solved.

You can’t swim with the watch, but can take a shower with him, and even use it in the shower! The touch screen doesn’t get out of control when drops fall she rises. Just don’t use the Crown, because mine was weird high-pitched after I turned under the shower. And keep the connections under the clean bracelets after the bath — the water may be trapped there.

Unless you’re using the clock like crazy — or accompanying any type of exercise beyond the steps — the battery will be a huge problem. You need to charge it every night, as well as your cell phone, and I did not find tangible differences between one to three days between charges.Unless you can use it for a week, plus a charge per day can be even worse, since you’re not going to create the habit of loading it at night.

We don’t like

I still can’t believe that Apple released this product with an interface so confused. And I hope that it is not hard to fix.

Why the hell the home button doesn’t take me straight to the home screen, as it does in iOS?

Why does the screen turn off while I am using?

There’s no good way to tell when an app crashes away from the phone.

I like wireless charging, but I wanted the Imam was stronger to keep him attached to the cell. I accidentally dropped my watch out of bed a few times and found it without battery in the morning.

Should I buy one?

No. Almost certainly not. There’s only one real reason to buy an Apple today: If you need to have the release a gadget that is new and different, even if they do not work well enough.

The good news: the first generation of Apple products are always bad! Look at the original MacBook Air, the original iPod, or even better, the original iPhone. It cost $500 with contract carriers, had not the App Store didn’t have 3 g and not push notifications. But a year later, the iPhone 3 g cost $200 at twice the speed, twice the memory, and almost all the functions of plant (multitasking would come later).

Again, the difference is that no one needs a smartwatch clock. And many of the first-generation apps are of low quality, even the recommended by Apple itself. It will take great care and dedication of developers, and a curator from Apple, for the clock to be a success.

A beta tester developers: make your app using the Crown. Do not assume that you have just a small screen, since the Crown allows us to comfortably roll the screen forever. Avoid touch buttons smaller than the tip of a finger. Give something new and different for us, made exclusively for the clock-not a date of an existing app. If you already have a great app, so make great notifications to the clock. Create experiences and scenarios in which people cannot or will not want to take the phone out of his pocket … and be sure to look at the clock will be much faster to take the phone out of your pocket.

And don’t buy a Apple Watch. Not yet. With any luck, he will come out of beta later this year.


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