Apple iWatch Aims Autumn Launch

This month Apple decides whether the suppliers of components for a iWatch must begin production, says analyst, as leaning toward a Yes.

In the autumn the redesigned Apple releases iOS 7, which was presented at an event yesterday evening Danish time. There can, however, be an even greater news on the way to the Apple users during this period.

The case of the so-called smartur from Apple, which is often referred to as the iWatch, write our site.

Already this month expected Apple to give signal to component suppliers to start production, and according to Citi analyst Glen Yeung makes it a launch during the second half of 2013, most likely.

-“We are expecting the” go/no go “decision will be taken in June and leaning towards a” go “at the moment,” says, among other things, from Glen Yeung.

Rumors of iWatch have been many. One of the latest is that Apple investigated the market for 1.5 “OLED displays.