Apple Develops A Self-Propelled Car?

Maybe it’s just a rumor – but Apple can be started to develop a self-propelled car, tell more reports.

Several pages have written about several mysterious cars owned by Apple has been seen in the streets of San Francisco. They were equipped with unusual technology – advanced cameras and measuring instruments, which probably means that the company is going to develop self-propelled cars.

Apple vs. Google: self-propelled cars, or Google Street View-competitor?

A lot of people believe that it is not a question of development of self-propelled vehicles, but rather Apple’s answer to Google Street View. More experts, on the other hand, has said that the cameras used for Street View and similar projects, looks completely different.

The people who were behind the wheel, did not answer when someone asked what they had started, and there was no logo on the cars. Nevertheless, displays information from DMV, to burn on file with Apple. There are 6 American companies that have permission to test the self-propelled cars, and Apple is not among them, but they could collaborate with one (or more).